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13 Sep 2000

lameduck@cotse.com wrote:

> On Sun, 10 Sep 2000 08:48:17 -0400, ptsc <ptsc@my-deja.com> wrote:
> >Shut the fuck up and blow me.
> >If you don't like splam being cancelled, go ride a dick.
> >ptsc
> The Grady of old has returned! How about a few "cocksucking legal whore's" for
> good measure?

Fredric Rice offers:

Ah, the classics. The Scientology cult tried desperately to put a stop to Mr. Ward's and Mr. Henson's Constitutional right to freedome of speech. The consequences? The "cock sucking legal whore" of the felonious organization not only gets its comeuppance, but the cult's head ringleader gets hauled into court where the defendants get to stare at him.

You'll recall the result of _that_, I'm sure, Mr. Lame. The cult's head ringleader suddenly broke out into some freakishly bizzare missive about sodomy and public buggering, out of the blue and totally without any _sane_ context leading up to it.

So after cult leader David gives the court an example of what it means to be a Scientologist, practicing _his_ right to speak, our intrepid defendants get to practice _their_ right to speak -- and they do so by _snickering_.

Do you recall what the consequences of _that_ freedom of speech was, Mr. Lame? The prosecution for that "cock sucking legal whore," as she's fondly known as in some circles where free speech is considered sacred, pronounces for the court, "Let the record show that the defendans are snickering."

Not to be out done, one of our Heros suggests to the court that the nut who just opened his yap needs a shave, among other things, and that the record should reflect _that_ as well.

It's no wonder that the Scientology cult hates freedom of speech so much. Telling the truth about Scientology by using the cult's own once-secret documents becomes a consumer advocacy practice over and above any moral issues which seek to punish the cult for practicing medicine without a license and killing people because the cult's mad messiah was absolutely bark-raving insane. Freedom to speak to the public negates utterly said public's ignorance and thus the likelyhood that they would get suckered into the cult.

Scientology hates that. I can't blame them for wanting to destroy the Internet -- or the sizeable faction that work to maintain America's ideals of freedom of speech. For the criminal cult it's a matter of recruits which is a matter of money.

Let the record show that the defendants are _still_ snickering and let the record further show that freedom of speech is still alive and healthy on the Internet.

If that upsets you, I suggest that you follow ptsc's advice. Maybe it'll make you feel better.

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