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16 Sep 2000
Reverend Fredric L. Rice

tinmimus99@hotmail.com (mimus) wrote:

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> How many times can you have someone falsely arrested in California
> before you yourself--and your co-conspirators, your organization and
> your pet prosecutors--can finally be charged with something?

When you're "unarrested," I believe that the Scientology cult can get away with it indefinately. Certainly the cult got away with killing Stacey Moxon, and managed to duck the two felony indictments for the murder of Lisa McPherson thanks to the M.E.'s incompetence. So I assume that the crooks can make as many false claims about the good guys that they want and get away with it. The only recourse would be to file _civil_ lawsuits against the crooks for their racketeering actions, yet that's playing into the crook's hands: The only thing that works in Scientology is the lawyers.

In the California cult case, I have a theory that seems likely. It seems likely that the original complaintants weren't willing to perjure themselves by actually signing the unfounded complaint but perhaps the cult's leader found others who weren't "traitors" that _are_ willing to take the rap and go down for fileing false charges.

We know that the cult's ringleaders use disposable followers to take the rap.

Send information concerning incidents of racketeering and
terrorism by the Scientology cult to the Domestic Terrorism
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