Scientology Crime Syndicate

15 Sep 2000

Thomas C. Padgett
P.O.BOX 414

September 13, 2000

Letters to Editor Dept.
Cape Cod Times

Re: Scientology condemns all
Hyannis, MA 02601
crimes and criminals

Dear Editors,

I have read again yet another vicious attack of me from Scientology's P.R. minion Frank Ofman in the Times' September 8th Edition. Again Ofman has his facts wrong and does not do his homework.

The evidence used by Scientologists to convict and sentence me was found by the courts to be insufficient and the five year ruling was set aside and I was released from custody of the Madisonville, Hopkins County Jail. Furthermore, Ofman neglected to share with the Times readers that my children's' child support has been pre-paid in full into a Kentucky Trust account, and therefore paid in through and past their reaching adulthood. This is not a secret and is public knowledge and record of the court/s. Further public record of Mr. Ofman's employers slews on crime and criminals can be found on the internet at www.lermanet.com Public record of the actual branch of the sect organization he works for is found on the internet at : http://padgett.taxexemptchildabuse.net as a persecuted ex-member.

Again, Ofman's' claims of 8 million members is grossly overstated to the point of absurd. It is my personal belief that Frank is delusional and disturbed and in desperate need of some emotional and or psychological counseling. I am certain the good people of Cape Cod can read between the lines of his endless attacks of me as a protestant Christian. One must ask themselves, "why aren't other churches or synagogues writing to the Times to trash my character as a parent and provider? Just think about it!


Tom Padgett
(508) 896-4095


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