Scientology Crime Syndicate

Reverend Fredric L. Rice
16 Sep 2000

Once again we got to see first hand just how little the Scientology cult cares for people lives: it doesn't. California residential speed limits are 25 miles per hour and "patching out with your foot on the floor" is illegal.

This Saturday the protests to force reforms continued with a large protest outside of the cult's heavily armed and fortified compound out at Gilman Hot Springs, California. Ida's place -- located in Hemet, California -- is something of a retirement community. Her place was crowded and a lot of wonderful people I had never met before were there. Since I didn't protest, I'll leave the picket reports to them.

I had come to check the termination points for Ida's telephone lines since it has been confirmed that the cult either has her place bugged, has her phone lines tapped, or is using parabolic microphones to pick up and tape record conversations taking place inside of her residence. (Conversations taking place inside of Ida's have been repeated out on the picket lines by cultists.)

I had hoped to bring with me a piece of commercial-grade hardware known as 'Orion' yet found that I couldn't requisition something that expensive. Maybe next time. Maybe Mr. Minton or the German government will purchase one for me -- the commercial grade product is a _grocky_ piece of hardware, and the military grade specifications are absolutely orgasmic. <ahem> Anyway...

The Scientology cult had the traditional Cowardly Keystone Clowns posted outside of her residence, parked on curves along the street with the rears of their cars pointing straight (line of sight) at Ida's front windows. Cult Clown #1 was in a white vehicle parked to the left 213 paces away while Cult Clown #2 was parked to the right 154 paces away.

Ida's windows are single-pane glass, curtained. The angle of incidence from either cult cars is very shallow yet approximately the same at those two distances, it looks like. I'd need a theadolite (sp?) to be sure.

From any single cultist the expectation of a return from Ida's windows would be far too low for anything the cult could get their hands on regardless of how much tax-exempt money they have to throw at such a project. But if you treat Ida's windows as a mirror, there would be (if I'm not totally mistaken) a patch where both cult cars could see each other.

An expensive piece of equipment that can do something with a window bounce from one cult car to the other isn't something that the cult would be able to afford, I think, and I'm unaware of any commercial products anyway. And besides that, I don't think there's anything that would be small enough to sit in the back of such vehicles. A minivan would do the trick.

Anyway it seems to me that these cultists can't be using anything at all sophisticated and expensive on Ida's residence so it's got to be an RF bug, tapped loop-start lines, or parabolic microphones. (There _does_ appear to be a thermal problem on one line.)

These Scientology cultists don't seem to give a damn about people's safety; neither the safety of their brainwashed followers nor people living in quiet neighborhoods where the posted speed limit is 25 miles an hour. My sons and I started walking toward cultist #1 to see if I might ask him whether he has business in this neighborhood. When the cultist realized we were coming up to talk to him, his break-lights flashed on then off then he peeled out of there, topping out at around 40 MPH, then hit the breaks hard at the stop sign, turning right at the sign without stopping (a so-called "California roll.")

It's no wonder the cult killed Ashlee, Lisa, and Stacey. I had known the cult has complete disreguard for people's safety after watching -- and photographing -- the cult ordering some of its followers out the windows of their Ft. Homicide Hotel in Clearwater, Florida, without benefit of safety gear. The fact that they speed around and drive recklessly around a retirement community still managed to surprise me. These are elderly people living here who can't jump out of the way.

So okay, I guess the coward didn't want to talk -- he's there trying to intimidate Ida into remaining silent about all of her experiences with various cults. Sitting in the 108 degree heat wasn't a problem since the cultist kept his air conditioner on, and certainly the cult can afford the gasoline. (Tax exempt money at work, folks.)

After a minute or two cultist #1 circled through the area and then took up position right back where he peeled out from -- after making sure the good guys walked back to Ida's place. (All it would take to thwart these crooks is putting up a chair with an umbrella at these two "Lagrange" points. Sitting with iced lemmonaide and a Stephen King book right where the cultists want to park would negate these creeps totally. Problem is, it's hot hot hot out there.)

Since these two creeps were driving dangerously, we wanted to get the vehicular creeps' photographs even though Keith thinks he knows who the driver of one of the cars is. So off goes Keith to work his way around through the back alley, hiding off in the bushes with his camera.

This time the creep drives right through Keith's loving arms -- and gets caught on film. The cultist didn't stick around to answer questions about whether he has business in the area yet it seems certain from his behavior that he doesn't: these cultists are here to harass and to try to fufill their mad messiah's insane notion that they can intimidate the good guys into silence. (Not with the Internet, L. Ron Hubbard. You didn't grock on world-wide dissemination, did you?)

So it's time to find out what Clown #2 is up to. Keith and I worked our way through back streets to see if we might find out whether this clown is going to speed recklessly through the neighborhood or whether he's got business here. Sadly, this cultist must have sniffed us or realized we hadn't been seen in too long a time and apparently _quietly_ drove off and disappeared since we couldn't find him and we didn't hear an engine rev up or tires peeling out.

This driving behavior is something that has to be seen to be believed. What is really needed is a good digital video camera that can develop video evidence showing this cult's reckless driving. This cult is going to end up killing someone once the temprature drops and the elderly residents start walking and driving the streets again. Either a camera or maybe next time someone should ask an undercover detective to observe covertly from a distance.

I had the vegetarian macaroni and cheese with a cheese and pickle sandwhich, snickerdoodles, and chocolate chip cookies.

Send information concerning incidents of racketeering and
terrorism by the Scientology cult to the Domestic Terrorism
Task Force at norfolk@fbi.gov http://www.raids.org/


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