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18 Sep 2000

Brent Stone <bstone@kudonet.com>

With the insane cult attempting again to silence free speech through the filing of "misdemeanor terrorism" charges against Keith Henson, I was again forced by the cult to go back out any fry myself in the desert sun. Of course, being bribed by the availability of Ida's cookies, and the possibility of meeting some of the other critics who I hadn't met before (since others too have been "pulled in" again to Gold by this insanity) didn't hurt.

Of course, they have managed to stop Keith from picketing Gold by their masterful show of paranoia over their fear that he will manufacture and shoot a "weapon of mass destruction" at them while he is walking nearby, with armed guards all about and a couple of thugs at his side continuously, videotaping, watching and listening the whole time. The powers they ascribe to Keith are truly amazing, I would say even beyond those that they fantasize for their own OTs.

Anyway, I drove down to Hemet on Friday (again having to take time off from things here in San Jose ... good thing my schedule is flexible) and met another critic at the airport there. We went to Hemet, and landed at the "entheta cafe" where Keith and Arel were waiting. Cookies appeared and we had a chance to discuss some of the latest lunacy, then off for a short night's sleep.

Since Keith had been prevented from picketing at Gold, he was "stuck" having to picket ~in~ Hemet and carry the message to the people there. Since the news of the injunction had made the headlines in the local paper, it seemed like a fine time for the cult to be forcing Keith to spread the word about them in town. Certainly, there was a lot of interest from the locals, and it was a really good (or insane, depending on which side of the issue you were on) thing to force him to be there at this time. That left the rest of us to go to "Gold Base" and spread the word there.

Out at "Gold", the word was spread mostly to the lizards and birds. It seems that, *even*with*Keith*not*there*, the culties at the base are extremely fearful (of our SIGNS). It was a virtual ghost town, like it always is whenever anyone with a sign shows up there. Of course, we had the armed guards watching our every move, security cameras everywhere, rotating to look over every suppressive breath. Ed Richardson was there, but seemed much too afraid to come out from hiding behind the booth with the armed guards "protecting" him, taking pictures of us. So there we were, just three of us, Arel dancing to her picket music, one other critic and me, walking past a deserted shell of a base which powerful beings professed to control.

There was an interesting change in the reaction of the public on the highway for this stroll. In the past, we have always gotten honks and waves from many of them, but today we were getting them from almost ALL of them. Several decided to stop and talk to us, even though the shoulders of the highway are not very wide and it is a fairly difficult thing to do there. Lots of people, even those who drive through the compound every day, had not realized what it was, and had no idea that there was a cult in their midst until the brilliant publicity maneuver of the cult to put Keith in the headlines.

A little while later, I got the pleasure of finally meeting Barb AND her dad (who they managed to "pull in" with their antics), and then Graham showed up with another person, to complete our party. I'll let the others post their own reports. By this time, either Ed was hiding even better, he had given up, or perhaps an eagle had snatched him up and carried him away.

I took some pictures of a deserted base as we walked and talked about what might have happened to all of them. Occasionally, we'd get a glimpse of someone in the distance (like on the balcony of DM's mansion) taking our pictures (we must be an interesting group of people to them, I wonder why they don't just come out and talk to us?). Other times, it would be a security guard, herding unseen people back behind buildings and watching for us to go out of sight so they could cross under the road in the tunnels. Every once in a while, one would show up coming out of the tunnels, sometimes covering their eyes so they couldn't see the dangers around them.

For a group that is deathly "afraid" of someone tossing a "weapon of mass destruction" at them, they sure act funny. If ~I~ was worried about someone throwing a bomb at me, I would LOOK at that person if they were nearby, so I would have a chance to duck for cover if something were to be thrown. On the other hand, if I were afraid of their SIGNS, I might work at NOT looking. Of course, the group that champions "think for yourself", "freedom of speech" and the ability to "communicate with anyone on any subject at any time" seems to have a problem understanding this. Not only do they not look at us, but have covered the area with barriers that block anyone from SEEING us. The green fences and new vegetation they have put up between the highway and the base would have no effect on stopping anything thrown into the base, but they do make it far more difficult to SEE what's on the highway. Again, if I were afraid of someone throwing something at me, I would be SURE to have a clear view of that person at all times. You'd think that ~someone~ on a base full of powerful beings (whose IQ has gone up by one point per hour of their endless auditing sessions :-) ) would also realize this.

Anyway, after about 2 1/2 hours of walking in the desert, watching this curious behavior, it was time to go back to the air conditioned "entheta cafe" for a great lunch and some wonderful discussions with some very interesting people. More about that, and later activities of the weekend in a later post.

***end of morning one of a weekend in Hemet*** - Brent

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If anyone wants to sell you dreams for half a mil, RUN!

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