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20 Sep 2000

"Starboard List" <starboard_list@hotmail.com>

A Committee of Evidence will be convened on October 8th of this year to consider charges against RTC President David Miscavige. The board will consist of six people, four of whom served on the "Apollo," the other two are long term public members of impeccable credentials. The meeting place will be at the hotel Stratosphere in Las Vegas.

The charges that will be considered are:

1) Impersonating a Scientologist or staff member.
2) Pronouncing Scientologists guilty of practising Scientology.
3) Placing Scientology or Scientologists at risk.
4) Willful loss and destruction of Scientology property.
5) Illegally taking posession of org. property.
6) Being or becoming a Potential Trouble Source without reporting it.
7) Permitting a section, unit, department, zone, division and org to collapse and even encouaging it.
8) Issuing illegal orders and illegal polices and alter-is.
9) Overworking an executive by ignoring his duties.
10) Embezzlement.
11) Falsifying statistics.
12) Neglect of duty.
13) Stating policy exists when it does not.
14) Neglect and omission in safeguarding copyrights, registered trade marks, trade names and registered names of Scientology.
15) Refusal to uphold discipline.
16) Causing a staff member to lose prestige or be disciplined by giving false reports.
17) Being a known accessory to a suppressive act.
18) Juggling accounts.
19) Receiving money, favors or encouragement to suppress Scientology or Scientologists.

These are the charges so far. If anyone has any to add please E-mail me and provide what evidence you have. Charges without evidence cannot be heard.



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