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22 Sep 2000

mistmagoo55@aol.com (Mistmagoo55)

JEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESHZ!~ Coming from LA the home of the "Politically Correct" and spending sometime in Clearwater, Florida (Home of the IMPLANT STATION and bought off P....)....I will say is amazing!

Today being hungry I had a simple idea: Go across the street and eat! I walked across Fort Harrison to a restaurant called DANIELLA'S. I walked in and stood by the counter. Suddenly the phone rang, and I heard what looked like the owner say "Blue top...white pants??".

I looked down and realized I was the only one in there in a blue top and white pants (DUH!) and said innocently "That's me!". As she skulked behind the wall, and whispered into the phone I realized...this is a security issue.

I wasn't sure what was up....but it smelled like Scientology....so I left quickly, and went back across the street to LMT to get a back up. (You didn't think Magoo would chicken out did you???? NAWWWWWWWWWW!)

I got Karin Case, who told me it is a Scientology restaurant....and I said "Let's go". We returned and I ordered a salad. No sooner had I ordered than the same lady on the phone earlier came up to me from behind the counter.

"Are you from across the street?" I said "Yes". She asked "What do you do there?" I told her it was none of her business. She told me she was a Scientologist and was against what "they" were doing...and thus wasn't going to serve me. I reminded her this was a PUBLIC business, and I had every intention of eating there. She said no, so I said "Well then call the police darlin', as THAT is Discrimination and is against the law.

She told me "that is what you may do, but we do not (call the police)...and I said "Well since what you are saying IS discrimination and IS against the law.... either call the police or get me my food.

One of the workers got me my salad, as she looked on reluctantly.

To think it is the year 2000 and people are acting like this.

It is amazing, but very stupid.

Scientology.... like I have said for 2-3 years................YOU ARE CREATING YOUR OWN ENEMIES! A few people in this very restaurant quietly told us they agreed with me, and were against what was said by the owner.

And THAT is supposed to be a business!

My sympathies to the owner. If you read this consider the law, and Rosa Parks. They told her to leave also. This may be the South...but Magoo is here, and this BS ain't gonna work. So let's work together....and get you out of the IMPLANT STATION! :)

Love to all,

Tory/ Magoo~dancin at Daniella's~


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