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22 Sep 2000

In a court-filed declaration, Stacy Brooks Young says:

"...North Star...was a non-church corporation I formed to put Freedom Magazine, which I edited, at arm's length from the various Churches of Scientology for tax purposes."

I found this record:



Number: C1358665
Date Filed: 11/25/1985
Status: dissolved
Jurisdiction: California

Mailing Address

Agent for Service of Process
1301 N CATALINA #2


So Stacy formed this corporation on 25 November 1985, "for tax purposes," just about two months before L. Ron Hubbard died.

So L. Ron Hubbard was alive when Stacy set up this corporation.

She only mentions that it was for "Freedom Magazine." But Stacy and Robert Vaughn Young, in 1987, were working on "Ron Mags"--which they started in 1982--according to a 25 October 1993 Affidavit by RVY.

Beyond that, take note of the address in this posted document:

Subject: Monolithic testament to Scientology crimes
Date: 2 Sep 1997 21:35:11 GMT
From: ronisxenu@aol.com (RonIsXenu)
Organization: AOL http://www.aol.com
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology

1301 North Catalina Street, 213-661-2025
Los Angeles, 90027

____May 86

[Name Removed]
[Street Removed]
[City Removed]
[Zip Removed]

Dear __________:

Seven years ago you had some interest in the USGO.

This group is now called the Office of Special Affairs.

Are you still a Mercedes Machanic?

I would love to hear from you.



And this same address turns up as the address for the Church of Scientology of California (CSC) in the odd "Zed doc" that, from one reference in that document, we know is post-1984:

Agent for service:
CSC, Rhea Smith
Kathleen Gorgon - CEO 1301 N. Catalina Ave.
Gail Armstrong'-- Sec Los Angeles, CA 90027
Rhea Smith - CFO

This becomes more interesting still, since a post just appeared here confirming that CSC is still active as a corporation.

But the most disturbing aspect of this, right now, is that there are rumors, unconfirmed, that--around the time of the incorporation of "North Star Publications, Inc."--the "LRH Archives" were housed at 1301 N. Catalina Street in Los Angeles. (Yahoo maps show this to be right across the street from the blue "Complex.")

The rumors allege that these "LRH Archives" contained at least some the very works that, at this moment, are buried in titanium vaults belonging to the corporation known as Church of Spiritual Technology (CST, d.b.a. the "L. Ron Hubbard Library).

If these rumors are true, this would establish a chain of custody involving CST, Sherman Lenske, and the Youngs.

It seems to be likely, since at least the first "Ron Mag" gives credit for photos described as being "from the private collection of L. Ron Hubbard previously unpublished." This is copyrighted 1982.

The "LRH Archives" would have been, at that time, under the province of Sherman Lenske, as the attorney who "represented Mr. L. Ron Hubbard in all aspects of estate planning from the time he engaged me as his attorney in approximately April 1981..." [REF: Lenske's Declaration dated November 12, 1995.]

The "LRH Archives" would not only have been a vitally important part of LRH's "estate planning," but were in fact a crucial part of the property already bequeathed to CST by LRH's existing will at the time. And Sherman Lenske was also ALREADY a Special Director of CST.

I could use some help on several points:

1. I only have copies of two of the "Ron Mags." Does anyone out there have a set that they could post all the COPYRIGHT AND TRADEMARK information notices for? This would be a tremendous help.

2. I'm wondering if anyone can help in getting more information on the corporation "North Star Publishing, Inc." from the California Secretary of State. It would be invaluable to have the Articles of Incorporation, and to know the officers, amendments, etc.

3. Can anyone confirm or disprove the rumor that the "LRH Archives" were at 1301 N. Catalina Street?

Also, at the time of the incorporation of "North Star Publications, Inc.," CST was heavily involved in trying to secure tax exemption, which it had filed for in 1983 [REF: CHURCH OF SPIRITUAL TECHNOLOGY v. The UNITED STATES, No. 581-88T; United States Claims Court; June 29, 1992].

The three Special Directors of CST, Sherman Lenske, Stephen Lenske, and Lawrence Heller, according to the Bylaws of CST, had particular functions in this regard:


From "Bylaws" of CST:

d. Particular Functions of the Special Directors. The Special Directors, acting by a majority of their authorized number are empowered to ensure the following:

i. That the corporation attains tax exempt status, as soon as practical, and that such status is maintained throughout the existence of the corporation.


I think it very important to find out the tax-classification of "North Star Publications, Inc."--whether it was for-profit or non-profit.

I have seen another rumor that some people have some leads they are pursuing regarding some financial transactions of North Star--something to do with typographers and graphics arts services, or printing services, or some such. But all kinds of rumors fly around in alt.anonymous.messages, and you can never rely on them too much.

If anyone can help in any way on getting more information on this, I believe it is going to be significant--particularly in chain of custody of things that have ended up in CST's vaults.

They had to be somewhere waiting for their vaults. Right?



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