Scientology Crime Syndicate

23 Sep 2000

Scientologist lurkmonster <lurkmonster@yahoo.com> wrote:

The people exist, the band doesn't.

Ok, let me see if I have understood the truth. ARSCC wne is not a tiny band of individuals. ARSCC wne is made up of people that Phil thinks of as a band that does not exist? :) Lurkmonster

The ARSCC(wdne) does not exist far a variety of reasons however the most singularly notable reason is that everyone who protests and pickets against the Scientology cult's abuses are individuals who are motivated for a broad spectrum of reasons.

In totalitarian cults like Scientology, autonominity is squelched out of the poor hapless victims which subject themselves to cult mind manipulation so naturally we see exhibitions of cult followers expressing a lack of understanding of the individualness of the people who protest against their cult leaders's abuses. They honestly expect and believe that the good guys are being led, paid, and given orders because that's the world they live in and expect it to be the same for free citizens.

The psychology behind the phenomena would constitute a masters thesis.


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