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26 Sep 2000

mistmagoo55@aol.com (Mistmagoo55)

My first question to you all is :

What Will Bring About Peace?????

Having come from the Church of Scientology over to the other side...I have learned a great deal in two months. I am amazed at some of the abuses I have heard about.

When in the church...it may be hard to believe, but I honestly had NO idea what harm was being done to people on the other side. You never ever hear of these things...even if you are very trusted as I was. Hell, I worked closely with OSA for 20 years........and I really thought I "knew" what was going on. HA! I didn't have a clue...I honestly didn't.

I know one thing now for sure...part of the tactics are to never let the right hand know what the left hand is doing. I even told the Vice President of the C of S I was doing my own Interenet project.........one week before I left. I was doing my ARS Magoo deal....but did she even ask what it was? No. That isn't her fault...that is how OSA is run. And I wasn't working with OSA at all re anything to do with Magoo....but it was just amazing to me that she wouldn't even ask.

Having been here for two months I can tell the people in the C of S that there are some amazingly great people fighting on this side. Peeople who have been labeled as 1.1 or SP....are so far from that, it is a joke. I am not trying to concince you, but merely tell you what I see.

Having been here for two months I would like to tell the critics that the majority of Scientology never ever see the abuses you are fighting. And the abuses are actually being run by a small mafia type group within the Church that most of the staff know nothing about either. So if it seems confusing as to how could people support a group that does what you see.....you have to just know, the average person in this cult never sees what you see.

As for the ex-Scientologist...yes, in this whole picture, we probably have the largest burden. For we are subject to fair game (even though as of 3 months ago I would have bet my life on it that there was no fair game), and we have to re build our lives from the bottom up. But we let it happen, as Bob pointed out to me.

We were not just victims...we took part, we paid, and that money went to fund many of the destructive things we didn't know about. But we didn't insist we look.

Just like if you are reading this and are still in the church....or are even "out" but are in hiding...you are still allowing this group to do the harm they do. I know that is a hard one to take, and I know people will pound me for it. I understand. But if I can help one person wake up...(and realize every day they are supporting this or not standing up and insisting the abuses stop is another day they have, by doing nothing, allowed these abuses to go on), it is worth all the rest. Of course there are many good things this goup does..and that is not the issue here. But I have come to a point where I want to ask each of you a simple question..

So I ask each of you....what do you need to bring about peace???

I want to know. I know what I need. But I want to know what each of you needs.

Please take a few minutes and tell me what you feel will bring peace for us all.

I think it is about time we start talking about this.

I love each of you!

Tory/Magoo~dancin in the moonlight~


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