Scientology Crime Syndicate

29 Sep 2000


Kind of a bummer that David Miscavige's modifying the Tech drove Koos to violence. The problem with insanity is that there is no consensus on who is and is not sane. Sanity seems to be measured by "the norm," i.e., "average behavior." "Pre-clear" Scientologists spend time screaming at ash trays insisting that they levitate, and going to zoos to communicate telepathically with animals and plants, which most folks would consider insane behavior--- and yet if every one did it, it would not be considered insanity. I think this is why Koos was running around free, and therefore had the freedom to kill someone: no one "in authority" noticed that his behavior was sufficiantly outside the "norm" to warrent observation and treatment.

Which brings me to the point of this note. The International Crime Syndicate of Scientology bewails the fact that a few mentally ill people every year are treated against their wills; and yet the crime styndicate then turns around and bewails the fact that someone mentally ill has been violent. As usual, the crime syndicate wishes to "have it both ways," to suit their political agenda: if a crazy person has not harmed someone (yet), the crime syndicate will say "See: he doesn't deserve to be treated against his will!" If the crazy person has harmed someone, the Scientology crime syndicate will say "See: psychotherapy causes people to be violent."

The success rate for modern psychotherapy is higher than it has ever been, and shows every indication that it is getting better. The odds are damn good that Koos could have been treated, and thus prevented from violence. But Scientology Inc. cares nothing about the deaths of people that could have been prevented: it only cares about political power.

Based upon the recent newspaper articles about Koos, it sure looks to me like he was repeating Hubbard's life--- torturing the women around him.


"I want to dance." --- Lisa McPherson, 18 Nov 95 http://holysmoke.org/lm/lm.htm David Rice, "rogue canceler."

"Scientology is 1% artificially flavored religious product. It is 99% crime syndicate. I have no interest in the 1%. Get it?" --- barb


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