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Riverfest aftermath: One giant cleanup
By Shelly Whitehead, Post staff reporter

Don't feel guilty. Really.

The 50 or so maintenance workers who spent the Monday holiday cleaning up after Sunday's fireworks festival say they've come to expect the annual mess after Riverfest.

When the sun rose on Northern Kentucky's riverfront Monday, Covington public works employees like Tony Booth barely blinked at the transformation by trash of the area he had left so pristine one day earlier.


But one thing did surprise this hard-to-impress troop of trash eradicators - the size of Newport's crowd this year.

''We really had a lot more people than last year,'' McCulley said. ''But one of the biggest problems were these people that were passing out all these fliers about being in touch with yourself, or stress relief or something. People just took them and tossed them right on the ground.''

The fliers-turned-trash, which ironically carried the words ''How Toxic Are You?'' on the cover, came from an unknown distributor of the Cincinnati branch of the Church of Scientology. Newport police say no local laws prohibit such solicitation on public property.

The fliers' presence among the Labor Day trash heap on the riverfront was rivaled only by a seeming sea of Papa John's pizza boxes. In Covington and Newport, the cardboard squares were everywhere, except in trash cans.



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