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01 Oct 2000

Gregg <elrond1@home.com>

Toronto Ontario Canada
September 30, 2000

Picket hours: 10:30 am to 12:30 pm and 2:30 to 4:55 or 5:00 pm
[Depending on who had the right time.]

This is a good report by Androidcat so I'll just add to it.

On Sun, 01 Oct 2000 16:25:42 GMT, "AndroidCat www.xenu.net"
<androidcat99@hotmail.com wrote:

Over 600 flyers passed out,
over 50 buttons too.

Slight correction here:
Human Costs Flyers 100
RXSpecial 450
Buttons 50 (www.xenu.net]

For a total of 600 altogether.

This misreporting by Ron was my fault. I miscounted one of the envelopes twice and gave him the wrong total.

A nice day with zero chance of rain, so SP Powerz didn't have to be used.

Attending: Gregg, Mike, Slippery Jim d'Griz, and myself in the morning. Gregg, Mike, Kaeli, ZeratulCat, and myself in the afternoon.

The extra-duty officer (*KA-CHING*!) was on the job, and kept a watch on things.

Officer B. Flohr [4853] is to be commended for his attentive and reasonable applications of the law. He also has a great sense of humor.

Before the picket I gave Officer Flohr a quick rundown of what kinds of quite legal rudeness, provocative language and actions to expect to observe the OSA Goon squad participating in. I told him not to be concerned, and that I was used to the taunting. However I foretold some things which would take place which I would object to, and he said to tell him if they did and he would redress the offenders. I also mentioned to him the local OSA myth of owning part of the sidewalk. He understood *exactly* where the property lines are. OSA habitual lie about that matter certainly failed with this Officer.

Later Daffy complained, whilestandingthiscloseforatleast 20minutesbreathingsmokyvaporinmyface, that I had been very 'slick' with Officer Flohr. Heh. Telling the truth to Officer Flohr about OSA Goon Squad tactics and public mischief is 'slick', eh? Well I guess from Daffys' warped perspective, since my factual information spoiled most of the Goonies tactics, then it was 'slick'.

Poxy Paulette started off by waving a handful of some kind of Co$ ticket/flyer in my face so I could not see. Then she slapped my nose with them. I asked Officer Flohr to deal with that and he gave her a short lecture. Paulette then spent 5 to 10 minutes chatting up Officer Flohr trying to get back in his good graces. She kept to high school stuff like talking over me whenever I tried to speak to the public. When that didn't stop the outflow of flyers by myself she finally lost it and resorted to her kleptomania.

Twice he cautioned Paulette for snatching flyers from Gregg's uber sign (with coffee holder). Gregg captured this on tape, and it's a hoot to watch: First the fake cough to the right, then the left hand snakes in to take ten flyers or so. She later attempted the "hand holding a mocked up microphone fist in yer face" technique, but a look from the officer stopped that.

Yep. Officer Flohr was told of her number, saw her number and canceled it. VWD Officer.

Dan was relatively well behaved. He only made one death threat, which Gregg Didn't Get On Tape! (Bad Gregg! *wack*wack*wack*!)

[I hang my head.]

It apparently went along the lines of "Mention my kids on the newsgroup again, and I'll kill you."

Actually it was more along the lines of': "You mentioned my wife and kids on ARS. If you *ever* come *near* my *family I'll Fucking Kill You!" Not a loud threat, but a quiet intense one saidcloselyinmyear.

Nobody would have known that Dan had kids if he hadn't posted that on the newsgroup (we don't use PI's after all). Still, I don't think it's fair to use people who aren't involved. This is something Dan and Co$ should thought of before involving Gregg's whole family, Bob Minton's children, etc. If only Dan had known that he could have used the Magic Word, he wouldn't have had to issue a death threat.


Dan is very sensitive about his family. But since he believes I do not have any rights, he can harass my family as he pleases.He has even boasted he is responsible for organizing the Scienopaths who revenge picket my home to harass my family in my absence. He has never stopped to consider how he would feel if we didn't show up at the org next OCT 21., but instead went and picketed his residence. After all, we know he wouldn't be at home, but at the org. However, Daffy *knows* full well he has nothing to worry about. I wouldn't picket his home, or co-erce his brother as I am *not* protesting Daffy Dan no matter how vile a person I think he is. I am protesting Co$ abuses of people and the law.

I refused to speak to any of the Goon Squad to their great annoyance. Especially Daffy. He bugged me for a good portion of the morning and then gave up. He appeared very frustrated.

Daffy finally noticed I am taller than he is by a few inches. For awhile he kept up a banter about violence. How he could 'take me'. Or how he thought that I thought I could 'take him'. He claimed i wanted to fight him. How transparent. What a wimp threatening me in that manner when Daffy knows I have sworn to be as pacifist as I can should he attack me. He knows when Peter Ramsay assaulted me all I did was try to get away.

BTW Peter Ramsay, OSA Street thug and would be IP thief, was hanging about the edges of the picket, staring at me from about 50 feet away. Giving me the Hubbard TM Death Stare I suppose.

Again at his picket the Goonies failed to realise I am not the only one handing out flyers .When they harass me on the street by blocking me, or my sign, or surrounding my head and face with bobbing balloons, or standing as close as a lover and whispering foul obscenities in my ear or face, the public sees this and grabs up fliers from others like Slippery Jim, Ron and especially Mark Argue.

Mike knows most of the OSA Goonies. He used to be their friend. He can push their buttons so quick they run form him. He is quite a character to see in action. His language can sometimes be a little saltier than I would use, but nowhere does he approach the often grotesque and obscene verbiage of the Goon Squad concentrates towards me.

Brian said that he never told me that there was no such thing as the Comm Course last picket.

Yeah right. He was so loud about it last time I heard it 20 feet away.

Brian also accused me of getting TR Bull Baiting Training from Mike. Gosh Brian! Didn't you tell me earlier this year that TR Bull Baiting was not part of Co$?

And what colour is the sky on his planet? He didn't try to smooze me as much this picket. I think he's finally realizing that I listen to what he says, and file it to be run through a BS detector later. He didn't even try the usual DA on Mike.

Mike had his OT Screens up. Dan asked what bugged me about Vecro Gwen's posting of parts of my credit record. I told him it was the illegal obtaining and posting of it that bugged me. He offered to bet me that it was legal. I turned him down, because I only like to bet on sure things, and Co$ is very good at manipulating the odds. (And like I trust Dan to pay up?) He called me an asshole, and I returned the favour.

Well according to the Halton Police what Gwen Jones has done is criminal. Now, do we press charges? I don't know. Gwen is such a waste of time.

Speaking of witch, Velcro Gwen wasn't at the picket. Did she fear that someone was going to serve somebody?

Perhaps she works a night shift at a job she hates, comes home and spews some bile on ARS fulfilling her obligations to the Crime Cult. Notice her posting times lately?

I was asked a number of times who Slippery Jim was. Slippery Jim, of course, and that's all I know. Then they went into a huddle to try to figure out from which SF author's work that name came from. (DON'T TELL THEM!) Overheard: "<mutter<mutter I don't think it was Heinlein..." Good Xenu, he's been to enough pickets, don't you have a proper file on him?!

Slippery Jim is....................................slippery!

Slippery Jim brought buttons. www.xenu.net buttons, lots of other buttons. He must be a SF Fan or something. :^)

Well, there are a lot more SF fans than Scienopaths.

Pixie was there, but was no fun at all. "No Fun" directives from on high? At one point, some was carrying a stack of thick folders from the back of the org to the front, and there were names on the side of folders. I did get a look at the names, then she moved in-between with a cluster of yellow balloons, and not even much of a smile.

Heh. Pixie was most careful not to get in front of me when I moved. She learned once the hard way that jumping in front of me and stopping abruptly results in her getting trampled on, without any sympathy from the police. And pixie is not much over 5 feet tall.

Andy Hill did some camera duty in the morning. No confront. Darn, I miss those theosophical society type whoppers.

Andy hadn't achieved a cognition on the Camera Tech yet so he just let it stand there for a long time unpowered. Eventually George the hatted Camera goon came out and hooked up the power/charge transformer from the extension cord to the camera took the lens cap off and started videotaping me as per usual.

George and convicted felon (and local Co$ Heroine] Jacky Matz arrived together earlier. George looked a bit haggard and Jacky had a simpering grin. They both 'waddled a bit. Note: It is *not* true Jacky wears to bed a large mens's T shirt emblazoned "I Spy For Ron" ...and nothing else.

And we split for lunch early. Fries, talk, other stuff. No planted Co$ listener at a nearby table this time. I hope nobody got "ethics" because the previous guy was so easy to spot.

After lunch it was fairly quiet. No attempts to swarm Gregg. (I think the officer might have had a word with them about that.) The handler shift changed at 2:15 or so, as they all headed out to the parking lot. Brian, who's booked for the whole day, came back. (I was 30' behind him, heading back from the parking lot myself -- just keeping an eye out. I rejoined everyone at the Artful Dodger and we did the afternoon.)

A number of guys read the Human Costs side of my flyer (Human Costs/Costs a Mint), and hit the Quentin Hubbard section. They were gay, and this was an issue for them. (Since the Toronto Org is within the Toronto equivalent of the Castro district of SF, not a surprise.)

The afternoon was fairly quiet. There was the elderly "verbal data" lady who wouldn't admit to being a Scientologist, then entered the org. (I think she's done that before. I'll have to have page numbers ready for her next time.)

We said Hello to source close to the judge a couple of times.

4:55pm, we called it a day. (5pm by Gregg's watch, but what the hey!)

Ron, cohort of that ilk.

I hope Gregg remembered the apple pie!

Yep. *AND* the ginger ale.

Final Note: My family was once more maliciously harassed at our home by some revenge picketers. The Scienopaths did not stay long as I once more had my huge banner up stating:


My daughter took some pictures of the designated 'Terrorists du Jour' for the record.

Next announced picket Date is Oct 21, 2000. -----------But we can show up *anytime* to peacefully picket.

"Evil Incompetent Financial Genius"

Gregg Hagglund SP7
Free Toronto

Toronto and Canadian National Picket Reports now at: <http://www.geocities.com/HotSprings/Spa/8412/toronto/index.html

"It's interesting that Scientologists cannot seem to differentiate between: ----individuals: picketing an organization to voice their opinion on its behavior, and -----an organization: picketing individuals for voicing their opinion." -M.C.DiPietra

"Give'em hell son." the late M.G.Hagglund


"It's doubtful anyone would heed a failed businessman with his own "religion" and other failed sci-fi interests." -D.Bryenton, 25 year Toronto Org Member & OSA Stooge



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