Scientology Crime Syndicate

From: Andrea <suse.@t-online.de>
Subject: News from Sharky818, the liar
Date: Mon, 02 Oct 2000 22:38:04 +0200

I just called my mother.

She told me that she got a call from Sharky last weekend.

He said:

- some of my friends threaten to murder him. He said he would be protected by the police now;

- the police (?!) showed him a photo of some people including me. The police asked him if he knew me;

- I spread in the internet the dates when his daughter was in Germany and when my mother was in the US;

- I work with criminals;

- and many more.

Gerd, I expected you would hurt our mother by telling her such lies. Now you did it.

SHAME on you!

Well, until now I didn't tell her about your rude postings on ars and dsw. Unfortunately I have to show her now what kind of person her son really is, caused by the influence of OSA.

You shouldn't believe that you can calm me down by trying to upset our old mother. This is just one more good reason to continue.

Once you realize that, we can't be silent seeing what happens in your organisation - and with you.

You will understand when they try to get your little daughter into the Sea Org.

You will understand when they stop pampering you and show you the real nature of this cruel organisation. And think about it: it's not the critics who will hurt you then, but these people you call friends.

Your sister



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