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30 Sep 2000

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From Bare-Faced Messiah, p.169:

In October, Hubbard returned to the East Coast for a few days and was greeted at Elizabeth with the news that the Foundation was approaching a financial crisis -- its monthly income could no longer even cover the payroll -- and Joseph Winter, the man who had done so much to validate Dianetics, was about to resign.

Winter was deeply disillusioned with the Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation. He no longer believed that Dianetics was free from risk -- two pre-clears had developed acute psychoses during auditing -- and he was extremely worried by the Foundation's continuing willingness to accept anyone for training as an auditor.

`People had breakdowns quite often,' said Perry Chapdelaine, a Sears Roebuck clerk from Mason City, Iowa, who was a student at Elizabeth. `It was always hushed up before anyone found out about it. It happened to a guy on my course, a chemical engineer. They wanted to get him out of the school and I volunteered to stay with him in an adjoining building. He never slept or ate and was in a terrible state, no one could do anything with him and in the end they took him off to an asylum.'[6]

6. Interview with Perry Chapdelaine, Nashville, 25 April 1986

Hubbard wrote to the FBI claiming that numerous Scientologists had suffered "psychotic episodes" which he claimed were the result of psychiatrists surreptitiously giving them LSD:



Box 242
Silver Spring, Md.
Sept. 7, 1955

Communist Activities


A series of sudden insanities and disturbances in Dianetic and Scientology groups reached seven last week on the West Coast.

In Atomic Energy's Richland, Washington a young boy who had never been treated with Dianetics or Scientology but whose father Verne mcAdams [sic] is the local Scientology group leader in Richland suddenly and mysteriously became insane, so suddenly and so thoroughly that the head of the institution for insane in Richland, evidently of good security, suspects the use of LSD, the insanity producing drug so favored by the APA. Two of our ministers in that area at my request went further into the situation and by means we will not detail recovered from the boy information of which his family had been entirely ignorant. On instructions to find the "other psychiatrist" our ministers by this means located an unsuspected one in Atomic Energy's front yard, a man who had been the construction company doctor during the building of Richland and who had then turned psychiatrist and whose name strangely enough is Menkowski (sp?). The boy had evidently had some association with this man before this sudden onset.

With this information not yet cool long distance from San Francisco Bay Area notified us of the sudden and inexplicable descent into insanity of one Wanda Collins. She is ravingly insane and yet was completely sane a day ago. Her people and our people cannot account for missing nine hour period just before this onset. You should be interested in this because Wanda Collins resigned from the Communist Party some time ago, foreswore it and tried to make amends with Scientology and would be a logical candidate for an LSD attack.

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