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06 Oct 2000

ptsc <ptsc@my-deja.com>

This appears to be one genuinely fucked-up DA Office. No wonder they appear open to pressure from a crime cult. Who knows what pictures of what sorts of sordid things the cult has on them?

Criminal charges sought against
supervising deputy district attorney

The Riverside County Sheriff's Department has requested that Supervising Deputy District Attorney Robert N. Dunn be charged with disorderly conduct/loitering; and obstructing, resisting or delaying a peace officer in the course of that officer's duties.

Two Bermuda Dunes residents reported a prowler on August 25th and deputies from the sheriff's Indio station set up surveillance of the neighborhood after learning that such had been occurring since 1996. The residents also told investigators they feared for their safety.

During the surveillance operation, Dunn was observed walking in the neighborhood. Due to the fact that he was near the residence of the complaining parties, Dunn was stopped and questioned by deputies. Apparently unimpressed by his credentials and not satisfied with Dunn's responses during questioning, sheriff's deputies continued their quest. Upon further investigation, including the collection of key evidence, sheriff's investigators reasonably concluded that the long-time employee of the DA's office was their 'Peeping Tom' suspect.

Because Dunn, a former Marine, is an employee of district attorney Grover C. Trask II, the case will be referred to the state attorney general's office for action. Dunn has been placed on paid administrative leave by the DA's office while an internal investigation is being conducted.

In May of 1997, former Riverside County prosecutors Tom Eckhardt and Gene Stillman were placed on administrative leave for mere political activities. But in this case, Dunn's status is the direct result of his alleged criminal conduct. During the several months that now-private attorneys Eckhardt &Stillman were on leave, each was under virtual house arrest, having been ordered to not leave their respective personal residences during normal working hours for the duration of the action.

At this point, a few questions come to mind:Do the terms and conditions attached to Supervising Deputy District Attorney Robert N. Dunn's paid administrative leave include same or similar constraints? Or, will one who has faithfully adhered to the party line be allowed to retain his freedom during the course of the administrative leave, regardless of the seriousness or criminality of the wrongful acts being alleged? And, if his internal investigation supports those allegations, will district attorney Grover C. Trask II make the State Bar privy to the misdeeds of his heretofore loyal apparatchik?


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