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07 Oct 2000

My god - you really *are* afraid, aren't you? I had no idea juat how scared you were until I read your post.


sleddog@cotse.com wrote:

Wait a minute Jeff. Letís do some fact checking for a change.

Every single picket which has taken place this year in Clearwater has originated and terminated at the Lisa McPherson Trust, Inc. 33 North Fort Harrison Avenue 33755 (727) 467-9335. This is the gathering point where picketers are called in by paid picketers Jacobson, Brooks, Bunker, Prince, etc. to arrive.

They park and go inside the LMT until everyone gets their nerve up, Jeffís camera is loaded with fresh video tape and he says letís go. Each person grabs a sign right there out of the closets of the LMT. These signs are not brought in by the people, they are the LMT signs, hand made on LMT premises, using LMT equipment & materials. One week Stacy is carrying a certain slogan - like ďleave us criminals aloneĒ, but the next week you might see Bob Minton carrying it, or Patricia Greenway or even Jeff Jacobson. They are paid to pass around LMT props ready made and handy at the LMT. The December picket is no different, never mind the slight of hand deception put on by Jacobson - itís the LMT pure and simple and paid for. So, why hide it? There is a reason, read on.

When Caberta spent her days in Clearwater paid for by the LMT/Minton, she claimed to be in town for a vacation. Well, she is put up by Minton and Stacy and spends her days working out of the LMT, holds a press conference at the LMT, pickets with Bob & Stacy as part of the LMT. Jacobson stands by to document the activity with his camera. Every picket in Clearwater this year has included paid employees of the Lisa McPherson Trust, Inc. scraping up societyís leftovers like Randy Enerson & his kid, Mike Krotch and Tons of Fun Greenway, to get them to parade on the sidewalks. 9 out of 10 of these pickets include none other than Jeff Jacobson, who is paid $50,000 a year to archive the activities of the Lisa McPherson Trust, Inc.

They have to have these events, they are paid to make it happen! Minton/LMT has even paid the unemployed local labor force people to come and hold a sign right out of the closets of the LMT - repeatedly. Itís all done in support of the civil case that is slipping away from a big payday. Donít forget the LMT is the agreed upon beneficiary. Bob set it up that way. The LMT and itís employees, such as Jacobson promote hate on a daily basis. Just look at their statements! Deep down they want to hurt and kill and so point their fingers. Jacobson and the LMT are a desperate bunch of vile religious bigots and are perceived as extremely disgusting in the Clearwater community. The police donít want them. The merchants donít want them. The property owners donít want them. The politicians donít want them. The business associations donít want them. The Scientologists donít want them. Whoís left. Themselves. Thatís not just my humble opinion - you can do the survey and get the same. You can be one of them!


"Bluntly, we are out to replace medicine in the next three years." L.Ron Hubbard - 1952


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