Scientology Crime Syndicate

08 Oct 2000

Bill <bill521995@yahoo.com>

Dorsai, I can tell by your posts you're a good person.

I think most of the critics here are paid several thousand dollars a month to create nasty websites against Scientology and to buy derogatory domain names critical of Scientology.

Dorsai, these people here might not be the type who "listen to reason". Not if they're paid lots and lots of money each month to do "paid work" in attacking, debasing and intimidating the church of Scientology.

I would think each poster on this ARS newsgroup with a list of sites attacking Scientology are required to do a minimum number of posts each day, kind of like the way cops in some town must write out a certain number of traffic tickets each nite.

They're not going to listen to reason if it's their "job" to attack Scientology.

Bob Minton even admits paying people $10,000.00 each for writing a nasty article criticizing Scientology at http://www.bobminton.org/arslc00.htm

Does the public think Sten spends "that much time" creating and running such a vast website attacking Scientology if he isn't accepting some of Minton's millions.

I've seen all kinds of lies coming from critics in all directions. When people are paid large sums to "attack" they seem to be more prone to lie.

Right now, we aren't sure the article here is even true; http://www.geocities.com/edmontonentheta/murder.html

Could be a scare tactic. If it's true my heart goes out to the family.

The Koos murder thing too might be bogus. I don't know until I see further evidence coming from a legitimate verifiable source. Anyone can slap up a website. It's not illegal. Someone forwards an unverified, typed, translated German newspaper article about Koos being suspected/arrested for murder? Where's the scan? How hard is it to scan an article as proof it's real? If you carry that story and it's not true then you look dumb. Be careful about false info.

The reason why I call attention to this is I've seen this kind of attack method before. Money is put out against something, and lies are spread. Lots of lies. All kinds of lies.

I would think the regular posters on news:alt.religion.scientology are accepting money from Minton and can thus be deemed "Minton's minions".

Some might be receiving cars, even houses. So, let's be a little leery if someone tosses up a website with no real verification as to it being true.

Also, If the article at http://www.geocities.com/edmontonentheta/murder.html is false, designed solely to intimidate and frighten church members, it is a criminal offense. I would log it, save it, print it out and screen capture it.



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