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Subject: LMT and A.R.S. are hate groups
Date: 1 Oct 2000 13:27:40 -0700
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A.r.s. and LMT are now squirming to retaliate for the increasing exposure of their leaders and members as violent and criminally challenged.

The prime expectancy on a.r.s. these says is "which of their number will be arrested next."

And rest assured others of a.r.s. will be arrested. It is a given. Lead by a violent and unbalanced man, LMT and a.r.s. - like all criminal groups - will attract the violent and the unbalanced.

But the main thought here is that a.r.s. since the opening of LMT has been revealed as a hate group.

Before LMT, a.r.s.ers defended themselves as individuals acting as individuals pleased.

But when the first organized hate rally formed the individual disappeared and the organized hater appeared.

What is clearly revealed now is organized hate. In other words, the individual a.r.s.er is now the fodder for the Grand Dragons of LMT.

A.r.s.ers can say this is not so and vehemently deny it. But their denials are false or delusory.

Take for instance, the increasing threats of violence issuing from a.r.s.ers. Individuals of peaceful and truthful intent do not issue such threats.

Take for instance, the phony pickets - engineered by Jacobsen's secret agenda - these have now taken on the true appearance of the hate rally.

The KKK once worked with the apathy of the public and got away with its violence but eventually its actions exposed it. So goes LMT and a.r.s. The pattern of hate, followed by violent threat, followed by violence is there to be seen.

Recently, a.r.sers have been exposed, just as the KKK was, with using the tactic of accusing the innocent. This was exposed but an innocent person was vilified and defamed. The KKK used this tactic to inflame people to make the trees of the south bear "strange fruit."

The KKK was and is a terrorist organization. LMT and a.r.s. are also terrorist organizations.

The parallels between LMT, a.r.s. and the KKK are many and as LMT continues to exist it comes closer and closer the activity of the KKK.

The public now completely reject the KKK.

LMT and a.r.s. following in the hate filled tradition of the KKK are setting themselves up for the same fate as the KKK.

For example, I did a test. I showed some neighbors - none Scientologists -- some posts from a.r.s about the Church. The post told all manner of lies about the Church but I did not tell my neighbors this. Their reactions ranged from not saying anything, to asking is that true, to the Church is bad. I did not respond to what they said except to present other posts by a.r.s.ers in which threats of violence were made against the Church.

The reaction from all the people I ran the test on ranged from "These people are crazy." "Have they killed anybody in the Church yet." "Yeah, these hate creeps and skinheads are all over the Internet polluting it."

I could have immediately upon showing them the negative posts by a.r.sers said that it was all lies. My neighbors might or might not have been convinced by my words. But what did convince them that LMT and a.r.s. are hate groups was the violent threats of death and destruction by LMT and a.r.s. posters.

Now the point is this: the public sways easily, going from one pole to the other. But one thing they do know is that the world is full of creeps and loons - and when presented with LMT and a.r.s. hate spew, they also know that LMT and a.r.s. are part of the world's violent creeps and loons.

What LMT and a.r.s. have to be wondering daily is "which one of them will be arrested next?"

There isn't an LMT "employee" or a.r.ser that has any doubt about this.

Send information concerning incidents of racketeering and
terrorism by the Scientology cult to the Domestic Terrorism
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