Scientology Crime Syndicate

17 Oct 2000


Keith Henson

1. I am the victim. The facts in this declaration are from my own personal knowledge. I would and could testify to each of these facts.

2. Starting in 1997 I have been exercising my constitutional right to peacefully protest against the branch of Scientology at Gilman Hot Springs known as Golden Era. After a picket in 1998, Ken Hoden, manager of Golden Era filed a suit to prevent further pickets. The suit was dismissed by Judge Cunnison in Riverside.

3. My first picket in 2000 was after Ashlee Shaner had been killed in a collision with a front loader at night. The California Highway Patrol recommended prosecution. About a month later Stacy Moxon Meyer was electrocuted in a transformer vault. Because Scientology has a long history of confining its prisoners (RPF--rehabilitation project force) in dangerous locations such as chain lockers on ships, Ido not believe the story that she removed a 230 pound manhole cover (the safety bolts had been left out) and entered the vault on a short ladder looking for ground squirrels. Even though her electrocution has been ruled an accident, few people who know the history of Scientology believe the real story has come out.

3. My first two pickets in late May were at a seemingly deserted Golden Era. (Exhibit A) Bruce Pettycrew, his wife and a person named Justin picketed there June 10, 2000 with very similar results. (Exhibit B)

4. On June 30 after a number of pickets I posted:

"Though they are a considerable minority, more people are frankly looking at my signs."

5. On July 1, 2000 I posted:

"About the same, more people backing away from the east gate, more people frankly looking at my signs, a few waving. I gave away a fair number of Xenu flyers to people who stopped, perhaps 8 today. Lots of friendly waves and honks. "

5. On July 2, Scientology responded by assigning two people, Edwin Richardson and Frank Petty to harass me while picketing. (Exhibit C) On July 2, they chased me across Hwy 79 several times. I stopped a number of cars and asked that they call 911. The Highway Patrol responded. Tape of this incident was later shown to the Highway Patrol who concluded that I was trying to escape from Richardson and Petty and not jaywalking.

5a. Richardson and Petty continued to harass me while picketing as is described in a number of usenet news postings made at the time. I have a number of tapes which I made of them verbally abusing me, making implied death threats and threats against my daughter. A transcript of one of those tapes and the tape itself was turned over to Lt. Tony Greer at the Hemet Sheriff's station.

6. On Sept. 17 about two forty p.m., I was picked up by Brent Stone in the parking lot of Stators at the corner of State and Stetson in Hemet, CA. My wife Arel was in the back seat of Mr. Stone's car. Frank Petty was tailing Mr. Stone and had stopped in the parking lot near the south exit of the lot. Mr. Petty was located in the driveway to theeast of the exit, not in a parking space, but in the driveway parallel to the parked cars and pointed west. I had Mr. Stone stop on the way out so I could get video tape documentation about who was tailing us.

7. As I got out of the car with my camcorder and started to cross the driveway to get closer to Mr. Petty's car, Mr. Petty pulled out and aimed his car directly at me, hitting the accelerator after he turned north. I have video of him pulling out, but after that was too busy leaping out of the path of Mr. Petty's car to keep the camera trained on his car. Mr. Petty does not like being photographed or video taped. (Which I had done earlier in the day.) Mr. Petty may also have video tape of this incident.

8. At the time I joked about Mr. Petty's threatening to run me over with his car, "You going to run right into me Frank? You going to run right into me?" (Horn honk). (Joking happens to be the way I deal with being frightened.) Subsequently I have learned that such threats are illegal under Penal Code 422.

9. I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that the forgoing is true and correct.

Executed on September 30, 2000 at Palo Alto, California.

Keith Henson

1. I am a witness to this incident. The facts in this declaration are from my own personal knowledge. I would and could testify to each of these facts.

2, On the afternoon of September 17, 2000, my husband Keith Henson and I were leaving Hemet, California, returning to our home in Palo Alto, California. I was riding with Brent Stone of San Jose.

3. My husband Keith had left with Ida Camburn. Brent Stone and I finished loading his car and I got into the back seat of Mr. Stone's car, since I expected that at some point we would pick Keith up.

4. Having been followed earlier in the day, and from previous experience with being followed by agents of Scientology, I expected that some avoidance maneuvers such as "U"-turns might be taken that would be uncomfortable for a back-seat passenger. So I not only put on my seat belt but hunkered down in the seat with a CD player. Since I was tired I dozed off during the subsequent drive.

5. When the car stopped I was awakened by my husband's entry into the car, since I had stretched out my right leg to put up my right foot with my broken toe onto part of the passenger door. I sat up, took off the earphones and began to pay some attention to our surroundings. Keith soon left the car again, taking a videocamera with him. I believe I heard him say something like, "There he is."

6. It appeared to me that we were in a small strip mall parked facing an entrance/exit to the parking lot. The car was stopped near an entrance/exit to the parking lot. I saw a small, white, late-model car in front of us start to move, then stop. I saw my husband walk toward the driver's side of the car. He appeared to be videotaping the driver. I did not hear what was going on, but I could clearly see out the side window and the windshield of Mr. Stone's car.

7. The driver was identified to me as Frank Petty, and I had no doubt of this because he resembled the photographs of Petty that I had sent to my daughter. Mr. Petty was described to me as one of the two men whose threat to kidnap our daughter was taped by my husband, so I had been sending photographs of him to her and others on her campus in case he was seen there. I also believed the driver was Petty because he habitually followed us whenever we were in the Hemet area and had been seen following us earlier that day.

8. I do not remember the exact sequence of events except that I do have a clear picture in my mind of my husband blocking the path of the car as it was headed through the parking lot on the main drive past the stores. While he was in front of it, I saw the car seem to leap forward, and he jumped out of the way. The driver accelerated on past Mr. Stone's car to our left and apparently on through the lot, although I soon lost sight of his car when my view was blocked by Mr. Stone in the front seat, other cars and so on.

9. I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that the foregoing is true and correct to the best of my memory.

Executed on October 3, 2000 at Palo Alto, California.

Victoria Arel Lucas

Attention Officer Douglass, Incident Number 500837

Statement of Brenton S. Stone

1. I am a witness to this incident. The facts in this declaration are from my own personal knowledge. I would and could testify to each of these facts.

2. On September 17, 2000 in the early afternoon, I drove my car to the shopping center at the corner of State and Stetson in Hemet, CA with Arel Lucas a passenger, to pick up Keith Henson. During that trip, I was followed by people who may have been private investigators working for the Church of Scientology. They continued to follow me as I took a circuitous route to the center.

3. Upon arrival at the shopping center, I located Keith Henson, and he pointed out another car that he thought was following him at the time.

4. As I drove toward the exit of the center, the car Keith pointed out did indeed start to drive towards the exit we were approaching. Keith told me that he thought that Frank Petty, a person who we both know from other times when he has followed us in the past.

5. At that time, Keith asked me if I could stop so he could get a picture of the person he thought was following us. I turned in that direction, and the car he had pointed out turned and circled a group of parked cars, stopping in the driveway.

6. I stopped and Keith got out of the car to get a picture of the person following us.

7. As Keith approached the car to take a picture, I watched as the car moved forward towards him slowly. When the car was approximately 15 feet from Keith, just after rounding the corner of the driveway, it accelerated quickly, directly towards Keith. I watched as Keith jumped out of the way, and was able to see that the driver was the person who has identified himself to me as Frank Petty.

Executed on October 6, 2000 at San Jose, California.

Brenton S. Stone
(address/phone number deleted)


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