Scientology Crime Syndicate

19 Oct 2000

mistmagoo55@aol.com (Mistmagoo55)


3 months ago I was working with the VIce President of the C of S, out of OSA INT...as the Head of the Scientology Parishioners League....a group I was asked to head up who handles Black PR in the Media.

Yesterday I spoke to a few different people who now say OSA is saying I am a criminal. Really???? ME? How quickly one is changed from white to all black amongst this group. The more amazing thing is how people buy it, hook line and sinker. Doesn' t matter that I have been their devout friend for 30 years. It doesn't matter that I have worked hard side by side with them in an effort to bring peace to this planet (or at least that is what I thought we were doing). Now, because I see things differently I am not only ex-communicated, I am now promoted as being a CRIMINAL!

Now how could that be??? Once you are out...it is truly AMAZING to think someone could take away your critical thinking (and it is whittled away, slowly over years) to such a point that people who knew you so well, would unconditionally buy this crap. Sad, really sad.

The happy part is the people I now know. They are amazing,and they live life to the fullest. I know you OSA "volunteers" are snickering....go right ahead. I know you cannot believe there could possible BE someone nice outside of Scientology. Well there not only are some....there are TONS of people who have left! Infact, most of the cool people are out! Come see....

OH! That's right....You can't can you. Now ain't there somethin wrong with that???

THink about it............if you can. I Know it might cost you extra in your future sec checks...but you know....I promise you it will be worth it. Give it a try. Just once.

My love to each of you!

Tory/Magoo~dancin in the moonlight~


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