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21 Oct 2000

Gregg <elrond1@home.com>

Picket Report
Toronto Ontario
Oct 21, 2000

Picket Hours: 10:30 Am to 12:30 PM
2:30 PM to 4:30 PM.

Picketers: AM: Ensign Kim, Mike Argue, Ron Sharp and Gregg Hagglund PM. Ensign Kim, Mike Argue, Gregg Hagglund with a one hour assist by Kaeli.

Flyer Count: 450 RX specials
50 Human Cost of Co$
500 total

High lights: AM none.
PM: Paulette tries to go too far.
The Day: A new picket participant, Ensign Kim, debuted today. She did
very well for her first picket.

Toronto, Ontario
Oct. 21, 2000

Another perfect weather day kept up our unbeaten string since May of 1997. [ Special thanks to the Marcabian Psyche Weather Controlling Black Helicopters...] As usual at 10 AM we strolled down to meet with the Off Duty Police Officer the Org *has* to hire for our Noticed Pickets. This Officer had done duty before at one of the first pickets this year. His performance was much better. He seemed to have been updated on some behaviors 52 Division did not want the Co$ OSA Goon Squad to engage in. Especially Paulette, THE Harridan.

The AM Goon Squad was not the 'A' team or even the 'B' team, but the 'C' Team. This included the infamous Twice Convicted Felon Jacqueline Matz , 'Pixie' Magee and Mad Mike. Everyone else was apparently involved in the Free Winds debacle, but that is someone elses' report.

We started the morning at 10:30 Am and the 'C' Team was quite civilized, left us alone and simply counter flyered. So the morning was a calm intro for a new picketer who we shall call Ensign Kim. Ensign Kim will be emailing me her own Picket Report which I will post later.

Approximately at noon OSA Goonette and Thief Paulette made her appearance and soon after snatched a flyer. I asked the Police Officer to instruct her to refrain from her Public Mischief and to my surprise this Officer did just that. Paulette then spent a few minutes slandering me most viciously [on tape] and in the Officers presence. Her litany included of false accusations: A monumental yet undetected $800,000 Retail Bankruptcy Heist; Conviction as a child molestor; Lobotomizing my wife; "Doing something " to my dear departed friend Elizabeth Pearse; Drug trafficking out of my home and etc. The usual complete vile spew from this extremely degraded woman. Thereafter Paulette spent the rest of the morning kissing up to the Officer.

We broke for lunch at 12:30 pm and returned at 2:30 pm. Ron Sharp had another commitment, however Kaeli and Zeratul came by with the results of some research they had been doing for DAG(wdne) and Kaeli elected to do some flyering.

The 'A' Team of the OSA Goon Squad was on for the afternoon, however Daffy Dan and Brian McPherson were not there. However, Colin Manning, Andy Hill and Poxy Paulette did their best to be as obnoxious, obstructive and intimidating as they could.

Ensign Kim was the first target of the OSA thugs, with first Andy Hill and then Colin Manning trying some TR Bull Baiting in low tones. They then moved on to me in a Tag Team fashion. Colin Manning quickly got bored of being ignored and wandered off muttering to try abusing Ensign Kim again from time to time, including standing intimately close. Andy Hill fared no better as I "Not-Ised" him as well. [ After reviewing the tape i must note, ironically, Andy went on a great length about the Temple of At'L'An being my Temple and my Faith. Handy testimony for my eventual legal onslaught against the Repugnant OSA Street Thug and Thief and Would Be Burglar Peter Ramsay.]

Then it was Paulettes' turn and she also got frustrated at being "Not-Ised". So finally all three tried a gang BB session surrounding me on three sides with my back to the curb and traffic on Yonge St. It wasn't working as i successfully 'Not-Ised" then until the moment Paullette lost it. She was carrying a very hot beverage, either Tea or Coffee in her right hand. She thrust this into my face exhorting me to "Speak into the microphone".

I could feel the heat of the drink with my nose, lips and chin. I put up one hand onto the top of the hot drink and forced her hand down and away from my face. She then raised it again, quite quickly to my face, and spilled some of the hot drink thru the cover and on her fingers, hurting herself. [I saw her flinch.] Once more I quickly put my hand up to protect myself and pushed her drink down and away from my face. The next moment I literally saw the look of inspiration on her face as she pulled her hand back and began to swing the hot beverage up at my face one last time and with some apparent force. In that moment I was certain I was about to have my face and chest covered with a very hot drink. I reacted and thrust my hand out to block the movement of the beverage towards my face. My hand and the drink collided forcefully knocking the hot drink from Paulettes' grasp and painfully stinging my hand with spilled hot drink.

I then went some 20 feet down the street to the Police Officer and apprised him of the actions of these thugs. He simply looked amused and said thank you for my information. A passerby who had been conversing with Ensign Kim near me and witnessed the entire episode came up to me and voiced his outrage at Paulettes' conduct. By now Mike Argue, Ensign Kim and I were standing with this witness in front of the Daffy Dans Recycling Bin in front of the open door of the Dianetics Business Entrance. We were joined by the loud and abusive presence of Andy, Colin and Poxy accusing me of assaulting Poxy Paulette, who proceed to kick my sign directly in view of the Police Officer. The Officer appeared greatly amused by the goings on. I asked him how far he would let them go and he shrugged. So, much to Marios' chagrin and anger I launched a Tone 40 chant about the fraudulent nature of the personality test and Dianetics. Mario came out the open door and berated the cop for letting me be so loud and then pulled the door shut. The cop merely grinned at Marios' upset too. Paulette then stood in front of the Dianetics Door challenging me to chant even louder, but it was now 4:30 and we couldn't stay any longer to play today. [ I am sure poor Mario was relieved.]

Mike Argue had to leave for 4:30 and I had to transport Ensign Kim to a location by a particular time to start her long journey home.

VWD to Ensign Kim at her first picket.It was unfortunate Ensign Kim first event was one that deteriorated into a near free for all of OSA Goons out of control .

But we did get the day on video.

I have no idea what time the Revenge Picket took place at my home as my family was away for most of the day. Only my SP Big Banner Tech (c) was there to greet the Co$ thugs.

We picket the Org. again on Nov 18, 2000.

Any peaceful protestor is welcome.

Note 1: IF my recollection of the attempted assault upon me, by Poxy Paulette with a hot drink, is challenged by Co$ Shills here on ARS or elsewhere, I have a return challenge: Post to ABS the video that George the Official OSA Goon Squad videographer shot of the entire episode which lasted perhaps 60 seconds. We'll compare it to my tape of the same event shot from my angle, shall we?

If my recollection is faulty I'll be glad to amend my affidavit.

Note 2: For Pat Felske. Have your legal counsel advise you on what actions I might be legally entitled to seek to prevent injury to myself and fellow lawful demonstrators given: I have been stalked and assaulted by one OSA Thug assaulted by one SO staff; threatened by a member of the OSA Goon squad who also made a recorded extortionate threat of harassment to my family if I failed to do Co$/GOSA bidding and I am aware of other assaults and physical provocations to other picketers by OSA Goons. I have on video and audio the observations by OSA Goons that I physically exhibit fear of the aggressive and threatening actions of these Scientology condoned and protected thugs.

One last note: Would someone of the females amongst the Co$ staff/public please tell Poxy Paulette to *change her pad*? She reeks most unpleasantly when she comes close and she tries to get *very* close to me too often.

Brushing her teeth wouldn't hurt either.

"Evil Incompetent Financial Genius"

Gregg Hagglund SP7
Free Toronto

Toronto and Canadian National Picket Reports now at:

"It's interesting that Scientologists cannot seem to differentiate between: ----individuals: picketing an organization to voice their opinion on its behavior, and -----an organization: picketing individuals for voicing their opinion." -M.C.DiPietra

"Give'em hell son." the late M.G.Hagglund


"It's doubtful anyone would heed a failed businessman with his own "religion" and other failed sci-fi interests." -D.Bryenton, 25 year Toronto Org Member & OSA Stooge



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