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22 Oct 2000

Gregg <elrond1@home.com>

Posted for Ensign Kim

Star Date 20.10.22
Personal Log
Ensign Kim

I have been thinking about yesterday's picket at the Toronto Org and there were several things that I failed to mention.

It is hard to remember everything when your senses are being bombarded with so many things. It takes some reflection after the event is over to make more sense of it.

First of all I failed to mention the very obvious and exploitative presence of the Drug Free Marshals - who were so ostentatiously sweeping up the sidewalks etc. around the Org - they were also present at the Artful Dodger during our lunch there. It looks good and I think that is the whole purpose of them being out - good PR - "See what we are doing as these Religious Bigots are picketing us?" How exploitative.

Secondly - the interest my T-shirt generated is far beyond anything that I have ever seen. It is not as though it is a unique and wonderful T-shirt but they were inordinately interested in where I got it from. They asked if it was a reward for harassing children in Clearwater. They asked if that was where I was bussed in from - Clearwater.

Thirdly - although the cop was present he did not make his presence felt in any great way and things nearly got out of hand. The swarming of Gregg was pretty scary to see and dangerous. It should never have been allowed to escalate. I will be forwarding reports to Starfleet Command regarding this breech of security protocol.

The act of bull baiting done on me was, at first, very disconcerting, however; with advice from Gregg I found the way through that initial fear and managed to hold my own for the most part. It is very interesting that the group that claims that Psychiatry is evil etc. uses the techniques of psychiatry to attempt to intimidate. The invasion of one's personal space to the degree that was done to me borders on assault and is extremely unethical. This too will go in my report to Starfleet Command so that future assignments to this group will be aware of the tactics used and displayed.

I am thankful for the opportunity to speak out against this unethical, immoral, and ugly cult and will put in for another assignment at a future date. In the meantime I am preparing a full report for the Senior Officers for their next meeting.

I thank the picketers for their help and support during this exposure to the cult and its bull baiting.

End of personal log.

Ensign Kim


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