Scientology Crime Syndicate

24 Oct 2000

mistmagoo55@aol.com (Mistmagoo55)

In Scientology once someone is declared a suppressive person, their ONLY terminal (person) they are allowed to speak to within the organization is the "Continental Justice Chief".

Yesterday I called to find out how much money we had on account. I was routed to the Justice Chief.

Today, Oct. 24, 2000 I called again and once again got the Justice Chief. She finally asked

"Do you know why you are speaking to me?" I said "No, tell me".

She then said, "Well you are a declared SP, so per policy I am the only person you can speak to".

I said "I am???" And she said "Yes, you are." I told her I had seen nothing in writing, and per L Ron Hubbard "IF it isn't in writing it isn't true". She told me I was declared one month ago, and she would get me something.

Amazing.....three months ago I was helping out the Vice President of the Church of Scientology. Today I am told I am a declared SP. And a few days ago, as I posted, someone told me OSA is now announcing I am a criminal.

WOWAMAZING Scientology....really, and truly AMAZING!

We will have to wait and see what all the crimes are they have drummed up for me, but I am sure they will be good ones.

Make sure to send it to me in writing OSAsoon.

Love to all my outlaw friends, and to my "old" friends....take care.


Tory/Magoo~dancin as an SP!~


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