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25 Oct 2000

Edmonton Entheta <edmontonentheta@powersurfr.com>

Reg: The Church believes that all men have an inalienable right to think freely, to write freely, to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others.

Andre: That's right.

Reg: Ok, now the word inalienable ...

Andre: he has the right

Reg: The word inalienable means it can't be taken away. So for Scientology to then come along and write a policy that says we're taking his right to speak away ...

Andre: Oh, no, we don't

Gerry: Yes, you do.

Andre: He can speak whenever he want's to, we don't take that right away.

Gerry: Do you know that your organization has obtained a court order, they've paid millions of dollars for, to stop me from communicating, do you know that?

Andre: Well, if there's illegal stuff going on, I would support it. There's a law.

Gerry: No, it's not the law. It is a simple violation of your creed. But that's ok, because you people violate your creed every day. Your creed is crud.

Andre: You don't even make sense, because the church cannot get a court order based on internal policy.

Gerry: Your church did. Why would your church want to silence me about your church?

Andre: You must have broken laws, that's the only way you can issue court orders, don't tell me anything else.

Gerry: You don't even want to listen. But let me ask you this. If you learned, that your organization was seeking, through the judicial system, to prevent people, myself or others, from speaking about their experiences in Scientology, or about L. Ron Hubbard, or about the organization [car horn honks, Reg waves], wouldn't you agree, that that was a breach of your code, and wouldn't you oppose that?

Andre: Except if he breaks the law

Gerry: How could...you tell me, in what country is it against the law to talk about Scientology?

Andre: I don't know about that.

Gerry: Right, so there is no law to be broken.

Andre: Well, I'm just saying...

Reg: Speaking of the law, we need to keep moving.

Reg: Ok, so the group designates where you can and can't go.

Andre: Pardon me?

Reg: Scientology tells you where you can and cannot go. It tells you what you can read.

Andre: What are you talking about, I can read anything.

Reg: Ok, but only if you don't have one of those Scientology web sites on your computer. That web site has a filter on it that filters out web sites like xenu.net.

Andre: Well, let me tell you, I've got that filter, I can go on it no problem.

Reg: Well, you may think that you can go on there no problem, but that website, that disk that you put in, the beginning of it has software that filters out words like xenu, lerma,

Gerry: And Gerry Armstrong.

Reg: And Gerry Armstrong. It filters these things out.

Andre: Well, how come I can see these no problem? I've seen his name, I've seen...

Reg: Have you been to this one here, xenu.net?

Andre: Yes

Reg: So you've read Andreas' site.

Andre: Well, not for a long time, but I've been there. I've been on Factnet...

Gerry: Have you read Hubbard's Admissions?

Andre: I don't read all this crap.

Gerry: Well, he wrote it, so if it's crap, then it's him.

Andre: I'm not interested in any of this stuff. I can take about five minutes of it, then I've had enough.

Gerry: Five minutes of what Hubbard wrote, I agree, is generally enough.

Andre: I'm talking about ARS and stuff like that.

Gerry: I'm talking about Hubbard's Admissions. The stuff that he writes that leads up to Dianetics and Scientology.

Andre: No, I haven't read it, but how would I know he wrote it anyway? Anyone can post anything under any name anywhere.

Reg: Well, that's true. You would actually have to see the original documents, right?

Andre: Yea, but even then, I don't know, I mean that goes for any material.

Reg: Even if you saw it in his own handwriting, you would still go, well, maybe somebody else wrote it?

Andre: I've seen somebody fake his handwriting pretty good, actually.

Reg: Yea, I think there's a whole crew of them that know how to fake his signature. I mean you know that and I know that. And so does he (Gerry), and so does Darlene.

Andre: I'm not interested in that stuff anyway, so who cares about it?

Reg: Well, it's deception, people are being deceived.

Anare: Oh, and you're the hero rescuer, huh?

Reg: Well no, I'm not the hero rescuer, I'm more like somebody saying, hey, wake up, you know, it's ok to look. That's all I'm saying, that's my message. It is ok to look. You can read what you want, you can make up your own mind, but the church should not be deciding what you can look at.

Andre: Doesn't in my case.

Reg: I find that hard to believe.

Darlene: He's married to Deborah, Reg.

Reg: He's married to Deborah, yea.

Darlene: [inaudible due to passing motorcycle] ... Mesiah or Madman, you know.

Andre: Well actually you're not forbidden, you have a choice, you can read it and leave the Church.

Reg: Yea, and if you leave the Church what happens? You are damned for eternity. So the only way that you can get out of the trap is by not reading these books. And that is an even bigger threat, and I mean, you know that. I mean, we are talking about a major threat. If you read that book, you have to leave the church, and you will go to Scientology Hell for eternity. Hey, don't read the book Andre.

Andre: I don't know where you come up with that stuff, but, ah, if you want to do it.

Reg: What stuff, what are you talking about. Well, no, I know there's no Hell in Scientology, because there's no God in Scientology. Scientology is Godless and you know it.

Andre. That's a lie

Reg: Andre, you cannot sit there and with a straight face say that Hubbard promoted the idea of God. The class 8 tapes, and Hubbard saying "There was no Christ. The man on the cross, there was no Christ".

Gerry: God and Christ are implants.

Reg: Part of the R6 implant.

Andre: Now, let me ask you something ...

Reg: You're a class 9 auditor, don't tell me that you don't know that.

Andre: You're a Christian, that equals God and Christ, but how about the Muslims, How about...

Reg: Hubbard has a lot to say about Islam too. And you can bet your ass that if the Muslims really knew what Hubbard was saying about Scientology, you think we're a problem, you get a few of these fundamentalist Muslim groups down your throat ...

Gerry: Yea, wait till they here that he was a second rate booster. Mohamed was a second rate booster.

Reg: I mean, look at what happened with Salmon Rushdie, when he wrote that book, The Satanic Verses. They called the death penalty down on him. They would do the same thing with Scientology, if they really knew about Hubbard, and what the upper level Scientologists are expected to believe about Mohamed and about God. They would be on you like brown on rice.

Andre: Why are they expected to believe it?

Reg: What do you mean why are they expected to believe it?

Andre: I'm sorry, I don't get it.

To be continued ...


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