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26 Oct 2000

Edmonton Entheta <edmontonentheta@powersurfr.com>

Deborah Jurt, the Edmonton DSA arrives:

Deborah walks around the corner from the parking lot.

Reg: Hi Deborah.

Deborah: Hi Reg.

Reg: How ya doin?

Deborah. Great. What are you guys doing?

Reg: Picketing.

At this point, Deborah spots Gerry for the first time. She reaches up and actually adjusts her glasses as if they are playing tricks on her.

Deborah: Oh, you. What are you doing here?

Reg: You know Gerry.

Deborah: Yes, I do.

Reg: Gerry Armstrong. A personal friend of L. Ron Hubbard.

Gerry: Where do we know each other from?

Deborah: That's why we have a court injunction against him.

Gerry: Yea, well, that's bogus.

Deborah: Oh, it is, the State of California didn't think so.

Gerry: They have a warrant out for my arrest, right? And you know what, what's it for?

Deborah: You know what, I'm going to show the police that.

Gerry: Perfect.

Deborah: Yea, I know, that's interesting.

Gerry: What's it for?

Deborah: What's it for?

Gerry: Right, what's the injunction for?

Deborah: Well, you tell me, there's a whole list of things on there.

Gerry: It's for speaking about Scientology.

Deborah: No, that's not it.

Gerry: Well, what's it for then?

Deborah: Well, I'll show it to you later.

Gerry: It's for speaking about Scientology.

Deborah: No, it's for all the things you've done.

Gerry: What have I done?

Deborah: In regards to the court system in California.

Gerry: It's for speaking about Scientology. Imagine, a Church which sues people for speaking ...

Deborah: Have you talked about your pig letter to these people? I'm sure they'd be interested to see that one, Gerry.

Deborah then goes inside.

Later, Deborah comes back out. At this point Darlene, with a video camera, was the only picketer in front of the Church. The rest of us were along the side of the building.

Deborah approaches Darlene and takes several pictures.

Deborah: Darlene, where is everybody?

Darlene: The side, and all the way around

Deborah: Very nice.

Deborah walks around the corner. Reg and Gerry put their arms around each other and pose for a picture.

Gerry: Perfect, can we get one of you?

Deborah: I think you already have your own camera.

Gerry walks behind her and puts his arm up behind her, as if he was putting his arm around her.

Gerry (to Shane): Can you get one of us?

Deborah (pulling away): No, I don't think I want to be on camera with you.

Gerry: Yea you do, come one, it'll be great in our ethics file.

Deborah (spot's a passerby who has stopped to talk to John): Who's that fellow down there?

At this point, the audio on the tape is no good. Deborah approaches John and the passerby, and tries explaining that we are not allowed to stop people on the sidewalk. The passerby tells her to "fuck off, this is a private conversation". Deborah then took a few pictures of him, then turned her attention to me, telling me (Shane) all about the big file the police allegedly have on me for distributing anti-religious literature. Then she asked me several times, "what else have you done?", and "what other crimes have you committed?".

The Police ....

Throughout the Day, we had two encounters with the police. The first time, we did not get it on tape. A police car pulled over, and the officer asked us what we were protesting against. We told him, and he said "ok, ok, have fun", and left.

Here is the second police encounter, as captured on tape:

Officer: Hello.

Gerry: Hi.

Officer: How are you?

Gerry: Good.

Officer: We've received a complaint.

Gerry: Of What?

Officer: Of harassing people walking along trying to use the sidewalk.

Reg: Not at all.

Gerry: Not at all.

Officer: I don't know why you're laughing, I'm out here because we've received a complaint.

Gerry: well, you can see all the people (there was nobody around but us at the time)

Officer: Ok, there's only one rule, general rule that I'm aware of. There's no problem picketing anything, but you've got to keep moving, [a few words that I couldn't make out on the tape], you can't block the sidewalk.

Gerry: Ok.

John: [inaudible]

Officer: Exactly, and that's why we're not arresting anybody, nobody's being hauled away or anything. I'm just explaining the one rule to you, and that's that you have to keep moving, and you can't impede anyone, you can't, say there's ten of you and you're kind of blocking the sidewalk, you can't do anything like that.

Gerry: Ok, we won't. We're good.

Officer: And that's it. And obviously it's no big huge surprise who called.

The officer was about to get back in her car and leave, when Deborah came out and took her into the org, to dead agent us, no doubt.

approximately 20 minutes later the officer came back out ...

Officer: Thank you.

Gerry: You're welcome.

Reg: Have a nice day.

Officer: Thanks, you too.

Still to come, conversations with passersby, and a guy who was at the org to take the personality test.


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