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30 Oct 2000

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Corporations donate anti-sect novel by Renate Hartwig to students

Langenau, Germany
October 26, 2000

"Eule" intended to alert young people In her youth navel "Gefaehrliche Neugier" Scientology critic Renate Hartwig warns about psycho-sects. Companies in the region support her action. The Langenau Bank has just donated one copy for each student, beginning with the 8th grade.

by Christoph Mayer

Langenau It is no secret that young people may be better reached with exciting stories than with dry text books. Therefore Scientology critic and non-fictional book author Renate Hartwig, who lives in Nersingen, has joined the ranks of novelists. Her first fiction book "Gefaehrliche Neugier" is meant for young people, because they are the ones she especially wants to warn about the dangers of psycho-sects.

Hartwig read parts of her book to students from Langenau schools. It told about the story of a 16-year-old girl who unsuspectingly accepted an invitation to attend a video presentation whereby she was snapped up by an "Organization for Applied Philosophy."

"It is not a book about Scientology, but about all types of psycho-sects," Hartwig stated, and she said some of those exist in the region. Especially in tutoring institutions and the "whole gray continuing education market from kindergarten up to management courses" they tried to approach people. Hartwig wants to sensitize young people to this danger with "Gefaehrliche Neugier." "That works best with a character created with which young people can relate."

Hartwig has convinced numerous businessmen, including bankers, of the sensibility of her undertaking. "Engagierte Unternehmer liefern Einblicke" or "Eule" for short ["Involved businessmen provide insight", and the German acronym works out to the word for "owl"] (which also stands for "watchfulness") is what the campaign is called which came to life in June by which companies donate books to school classes. Hartwig's idea to have the novels delivered to students at no cost to them, has apparently fallen on fruitful soil. "There have been over 4,000 orders from schools in the region within the past two weeks," she said.

In Langenau, the Langenau Bank will sponsor full distribution of Hartwig's book. Chairman of the Board Burkhardt Schoeffer has ceremoniously handed over the first copy to the principal of Langenau's Robert Bosch high school, Dr. Herbert Birkenfeld

Sebastian Prinz from Schoenaich-Carolath, chairman of the board of the regional association of the Volks- and Raiffeisen Banks said, "Our support of the anti-sect action is also in our own interest. When we educate our future customers, then we are protecting our own business at the same time," he said.


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