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31 Oct 2000

catarina@pamnell.com (Catarina Pamnell)

Forwarded to ARS on request, from Tigger on www.xenu.net discussion board:


Hi, Phoenix:

On Oct. 23, you posted the following letter to a.r.s.:

Quote: "Anson Shupe presentd a paper entitled, "CAN, WE HARDLY KNEW YE: Sex, Drugs, Deprogrammers, Kickbacks and Corporate Crime in the (old) Cult Awareness Network at a meeting of the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion in Houston, Texas on october 21, 2000.

This paper was prepared by Shupe, Kendrick Moxon, and Susan E. Darnell. It is a work in progress which exposes the criminality of the old Cult Awareness Network as revealed through their files.

"The paper is the first installment in a story that promises to rock the few remaining supporters of the old CAN.

Phoenix" End of quote:

Who are Anson Shupe, Kendrick Moxon and Susan E. Darnell?

ANSON SHUPE: Professor of Sociology and Anthropology at the joint campus of Indiana Univ. and Purdue Univ. at Ft. Wayne. "Although seen by many to be one of the most respected sociologists of religion today, having published widely sited articles on the Unification Church, new religions, Mormon business activities, family violence, and religious malfeasance, he is also considered by many cult experts to be a cult apologist."

KENDRICK MOXON: Long time member of and attorney for THE CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY. Worked in COS's GUARDIAN's OFFICE, (now the OSA ,Office of Special Affairs) under Mary Sue Hubbard. Was an unindicted CO-CONSPIRATOR with Mary Sue and others who infiltrated and stole documents from government agencies.

SUSAN E. DARNELL: manages a credit union in Gary, Ind. and is a civil rights activist journalist. She has worked with Shupe on a number of projects.

WHAT DID SHUPE KNOW ABOUT CAN, WHEN DID HE KNOW IT AND WHO TOLD HIM? Shupe, who was an "expert witness" hired by scientology at the scientology=orchestrated trial to destroy CAN, revealed how he conducted "his" scientific research on CAN in his depossition and at the trial.

Quote: "When asked how he gathered his evidence against CAN, Shupe admitted that he had never attended a CAN meeting, did not know the names of its officers, and had not conducted formal research on the organization since 1987, and had not formally interviewed anyone in the countercult movement since 1979. Moreover, he had never subscribed to CAN'S NEWSLETTER, althought he 'was able to obtain copies now and then from various people around the country'.

"Shpe claimed, however, that he had kept informed about CAN's actvities -- through contact with his colleages, one of whom was J. Gordon Melton, through mailings he received through Robertson's FRIENDS OF FREEDOM, and publications from the 'countercult' organization, American Family Foundation. He also claimed that he kept informed about CAN 'through miscellaneous newspaper articles'. Shupe also mentioned that he had belonged for a period to the FRIENDS OF FREEDOM and currently was on AWARE'S Board of Directors, In deposition he said he thought FRIENDS OF FREEDOM 'was a good source of information', but in trial testimony indicated he had 'a certain amount of skepticism' about its material because he realized its director, George Robertson, 'was not what I would call a neutral party in all this'."

End of quote: From "WHEN SCHOLARS KNOW SIN" by Canadian sociologist Stephen A Kent and Theresa Krebs. http://www.raids.org/wsns.htm and APOLOGETICS INDEX.

George Robertson was certainly not a "neutral" party. For years Robertson and his FRIENDS OF FREEDOM spread lies about CAN and tried to disrupt CAN Conferences, picketing and holding "NEWS conferences" for the media. (Probably some of the "news" articles Shupe used in his "scientific" research.) Robertson is now Chairman of the NEW scientology controlled CAN. (I would say that's pretty "UNneutral".)

Kendrick Moxon provided Shupe with information about which Shupe testified. Leslie Stahl of 60 MINUTES uncovered that at least two of the items provided by Moxon were false. THIS IS NOT HOW SCIENTIFIC STUDIES ARE CONDUCTED. SHUPE IS DESTROYING THE CREDIBILITY OF HIS OWN PROFESSION.

Phoenix, "the more to come" may be the repudiation and condemnation of Shupe by his fellow sociologists.

Think about it.



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