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04 Nov 2000 http://www.voila.co.uk/News/afp/media/001103202943.ka78jvm7.html

Germany, Microsoft resolve Scientology dispute

MUNICH (AFP) - - The German government and Microsoft have resolved a dispute over the involvement of the Church of Scientology in the Windows 2000 computer operating system, Microsoft's German office announced Friday.

Germany's interior ministry had asked for an investigation into the Church of Scientology's involvement in the writing of a Windows sub- programme called Diskeeper.

The Church of Scientology is classed as a sect in Germany. The head of the firm which developed Diskeeper, Craig Jensen, is a Scientologist.

Following talks between a top ministry official and the head of Microsoft's German office, the software giant agreed to include in the package a programme which allows users to remove Diskeeper if they want to, Microsoft said.


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