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04 Nov 2000

"Mr. Scary" <MrScary@tampamail.com>

UPDATE: November 4, 2000:

It seems that daily the Scientologists are resorting to more extreme acts of intimidation and harassment in an attempt to destroy this benefit concert. We learned last night that a Scientologist has directly contacted Tranceboy, one of the musicians appearing at this event- pressuring him to back out, telling him that he is misinformed, telling him that he is being lied to. This particular musician is very well aware as to the true nature of cults in general, and has a background that includes a significant religious education. Tranceboy said that he will still appear at the event, and much like the other artists that have been approached by Scientologists, he is more convinced than ever that this is the right thing to do. He even told this Scientologist that the Lisa McPherson Trust would be there for him when he decided to get out!

Tranceboy also indicated that a friend of his heard mention of this event on a Sarasota, FL television news program. He wasn't sure which station, and he said his friend expressed concern about his safety if he attended this event based on what he heard on that broadcast. Regarding the safety issue we can say nothing for certain, as this event is treading into uncharted territory regarding interaction with the cult. Club More has their own security personnel, and we will have our own event security as well. The Clearwater Police station is across the street from the club, and they share parking lots. However, the club is also in the shadow of the new Scientology "superpower" building, and within sight of the Ft. Harrison. That being said, we will do all in our power to ensure that this is a safe and exciting event for everyone.

Last night we also heard the story of a Chiropractor whose business was driven out of downtown Clearwater because he wouldn't join Scientology. Evidently, pressure was put on him to join the "religion," but he refused to convert, coming from a strong Christian background. Rather than buckle under to their intimidation, he relocated his practice. We were told that he and his wife wanted us to know that they are praying for the success of this event, and for the "anti-Christian" bands who are appearing.

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