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05 Nov 2000

tfcvp@aol.com (TFC VP)

As I observe the smarmy activities of the Jackals of Scn and as I read a.r.s I see the recurring theme of supreme cowardice on the part of the cult puppets who do their puppeteer's bidding.

Today we have a cult puppet (Ryan of the illustrious cultie combo, Puddinhogs) attempting to intimidate a band member who plans to perform at the LMT benefit concert. We wonder: why wouldn't scn approach the organizers (Mr. Scary, Mike Krotz et al) if they had a beef? Why a complete innocent...a virtual bystander? The cult knows that an active critic such as Mr. Scary, Mike, et al can NOT be intimidated...so they sneak over in the dark corners of the game board and attempt to "influence" someone NOT familiar with their childish games...someone who doesn't know they're just blowing smoke out of their collective asses.

I saw the same filthy cowardice during the shooting of our movie. Out of all the big burly grips, gaffers and stage hands who worked on our film...WHO did the cowardly cult puppets choose to intimidate? Two young females (one a wardrobe girl and the other a young production assistant). The slimy cowards (Mary deMoss among them) followed these girls home, got their tag numbers and visited their homes more than once...JUST to send their creepy cult puppet message.

Do these cult puppets dance and laugh in gleeful pride at their "bravado" after performing their puppet duties? Do they feel PRIDE after performing their puppet deeds? They MUST...because they continue in the same pathetic cowardly ways over and over and over again.

They sit in cowardly anonymity behind their computers typing out the most vile, repulsive and reprehensible posts about people they know nothing of outside of the filth fed to them by the Lie-Factory that pulls their strings. They crow and spew the scripted puppet-speak in hopes of scaring off their target, but, notwithstanding their failure to do so, they can at least spin in gleeful pride for their demented puppet masters who will stroke their puppet brows with encouragement.

These cult puppets of cowardice have long ago forgotten their ethical, kindly souls and have morphed into "attack puppets"....the pet rottweillers of their puppet masters. They are little people, actually....small of heart...small of spirit...existing only to please their puppeteer mentors. The more dirt and filth they can generate against someone, the more brownie points they get. The ultimate mark of miserable little cowards is to pursue dark negativity and anonymous intimidation.

These cowardly little puppets have been brought to you courtesy of the cult of scientology. Fear them not.....they have no spines. They have only the anonymous darkness in which to operate and perform their cowardly acts...THAT is the life they lead. They deploy their legions of PI's to assist them in their tasks, but their agenda is not a brave one...and therefore will not solidify their purpose.

It is to us to observe carefully the dance of the cult puppets...and know that they've lost their souls.

Yours in disgust at the never ending cowardice of this cult,
Patricia Greenway


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