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16 Oct 2000

The following is a breakdown of some of the threats/statements issued in the past two weeks and monitored by Tempest.

- Ben N. Venzke

Threats Breakdown (http://www.intelcenter.com)

- al-Gama'a al-Islamiya (IG): Issued fatwa urging Muslims "to kill Jews wherever they are found" and asserting that jihad to liberate Palestine is a "religious duty by the consensus of Muslims.

- Mujahideen Military Command Council in Chechnya: "Finally, we promise you that soon insha-Allah, you will hear of what we do with the brothers of the Jews, the Russians, in retaliation for Al-Aqsa and for you. Wait for a forth coming operation which we haved named 'Operation Al-Aqsa'."

- al-Muhajiroun: "The barbaric US army who are occupying Muslim land with their forces such as in Saudi Arabia and Iraq and who are actively supporting the pirate state of Israel must leave Muslim land immediately or face more strikes like the bombing of the American warship in the Yemeni port of Aden yesterday."

- Aden-Abyan Islamic Army threatens continued attacks

- Ayman al-Zawahirri: Issued a call for jihad, urging Muslims worldwide to attack US and Israeli targets to avenge the deaths of Palestinians killed in the past 2 weeks of clashes with Israel.

- Sheikh Muhammad Sayyid Tantawi, the Sheikh of Al-Azhar the highest ranking religious official in Egypt and a presidential appointee: Called for Jihad against Israel "in defense of the holy places, the liberation of the land, and the repulsion of the enemy." He stated that combating the oppression is incumbent upon the entire Islamic nation [Ummah] and not an obligation of the Palestinians alone.

- Supporters of Sharia: "This letter was prepared and hand delivered to Shaitans at the Israeli Embassy. It is a warning to Isreal to leave or face total destruction. Supporters of Shariah is calling upon every Muslim to fight Isreal with everything you have. And remember that even your du'aa is a powerful weapon against the enemies of Islam.

- Supporters of Sharia: "Therefore the whole world should be bracing themselves to many similar operations in Yemen and the rest of Peninsula for as long as there are armed believers in Yemen and armed disbelievers in Palestine and the whole of the Peninsula."

- Mujahideen Military Command Council in Chechnya: "A member of the Military Command Council announced that 150 Mujahideen from Chechnya are readily available to perform Jihad in Palestine."

- Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed: "O' Muslims, this Fatwa is a call to fight against Israeli forces, their government, Israeli Embassies, military airports and jets etc... as they are legitimate targets for Muslims wherever they may be. The divine evidence for this from the Qur'an is that Allah (swt) says: 'And kill them wherever you meet them and turn them out from where they have turned you out' [EMQ 2: 191]."


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