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11 Nov 2000

bk-pettycrew@home.com (Bruce Pettycrew)

What a beautiful day in Arizona for a picket!

There were 7 cars in the mi$$ion parking lot when Kathy, Ian and I started our picket at 10:30 AM. One car arrived at about 11:00.

In the almost 5 years that we have been picketing, the average car count has dropped by about one car; since the Valley population has increased by over 20% in that time, the "fastest growing religion in the world" has lost ground at over 30% in the same metropolitan area where $cientology was invented by Hubbard over 40 years ago.

I got a fantastic deal for my airline reservation for a non-stop roundtrip from Phoenix to Tampa in December: $250! I am looking forward to seeing all of you wonderful SPs in Clearwater in a few weeks.

Bruce Pettycrew


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