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14 Nov 2000

mistmagoo55@aol.com (Mistmagoo55)

Last year about this time I was asked to come to a meeting over at Celebrity Center by the Vice Pres of The Church of Scientology. She operates out of OSA INT, in Heber's office (which is about a mile away in the HGB- a bulding on Hollywood Blvd housing all the Int staff) and her name is Janet Wieland.

Last year about this time, she asked me to come over to this meeting. It had to do with the media.

I went, and found out it was a group being formed whose purpose it was (and probably still is) is to "handle black PR in the media".

She asked me to be the ED....and we began. We got about 4 major products before I left the Church. Mainly if there was anything "bad" about Scientology we would jump on it and try to get it off the air, or a correction printed about the group.

Funny how that is. When you are "in" ....these articles and stories seem SO bad!

The party line is that they are straight religious bigotry. Well,...first off, Scientology doesn't even believe in God,,,,,and we know they do numerous things that are non-religious in nature.

Secondly, for the most part most of the stories are just truthful information about Scientology. Sure, it may be the bad side and of course Scientology doesn't want anyone to see THAT. But....why are there so many stories about this "bad side"???

I had to start asking myself that, as the ED. And guess what happened shortly after that?


Here I am.... OUT of Scientology after 30 years.... and amazed that I was there for so long.

For any lurkers reading this.....it is truly an amazingly wonderful thing to get out, and even to get declared. So many cool people have left the group..........in fact; most of the really neat people are out!

Sure it has been a major change for me....as it is for anyone who leaves...but there is a freshness I cannot really describe in words. A freedom. A joy. (and yeah...laugh all you want OSA .....you will never know until you make the leap).

I remember when a friend finished OT 7 years ago. I asked what he wins were and he said to me" finally I can do what I want to do!"

I thought this was horrible at the time, as it seemed like a "bad indicator".... but you know what? I see what he meant now...I really do.

To all those feeling like something just isn't right.....all I can say is YOU ARE CORRECT!

One of the worst things Scientology does is isolate people and make them think if there is anything wrong (or anything they do not like) it is THEIR fault.


Well, guess what"? That is not true. I went to write an analogy...but I kept thinking of things scientology would say, no matter how insane. Exp: Someone comes up and stabs you. Scientology would blame you for "pulling it in".

In Scientology it doesn't matter what went wrong............you are responsible. OH!You don't feel responsible? They have that covered too. You are just such a low responsibility case that they will have to help you a LOT to get you UP to a point where you can see it really IS you who is responsible for all. Sure....you are resp for lots....but they take it tooo far. Like delivering a crappy OT 7 course for 7 years, charging me $100,000 or so............and then saying I needed to pay $25,000 to do the new course since they realized we didn't have all the tools LRH was using. COME ON!!!

So good luck to the Scientology Parishioners League. My suggestion really? Get out while you can....and don't waste one more day in the criminal cult. It IS criminal...which is why they even have to start some stupid group to try to handle their (and it IS their) black PR. IT doesn't just happen................

They create it every single day!


Tory/Magoo~dancing NOT as the ED of the group, and free from $cientology~:)


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