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15 Nov 2000


I need some help. Judge Walker has imposed a Dec. 8 time for the DA and I to agree on some facts in the case. One of facts he put in the first draft was a piddling short list of only 8 people he claims I have picketed with at scientology orgs

What an insane notion -- that you've been protesting with only 8 other activists. It's impossible to quantify however you should also point out that there were _60_ people at the 1998 protest of Lisa McPherson's murder in Clearwater and that during the daily protests citizens from the area joined you in your protest routinely.

And don't forget that the protest out at the killer's Los Angeles offices on Hubbard's birthday that year had over a dozen activists picketing and protesting.

Show the judge this:

I'm present there, as is Michael Reuss

You are not, but I met you a couple of hours before, wearing your 'elvis' wig and trying to avoid Barton to keep to your TRO.


(wouldn't it be interesting to subpoena Dennis? He's standing right next to me in the pic)

And this:

Subject: LA Picket, L Ron Hubbard Way
From: teddy@skylink.net (Ted Mayett (KOX))

Where ever you were in world, whatever city or country, know this, that L Ron Hubbard Way was properly represented.

It was tough to do accurate counts. At one point, Saturday, late in the afternoon there were 28 picketers on lrh way, the day before there were about 36 at any one given time. Friday had 3 Police cars, Saturday had no Police cars. A 4pm vehicle count at Big Blue on Saturday showed about 140 vehicles, I estimate it grew another 70 at the most.

The clams were using entrances off of lrh way to avoid the picketers. That "Our House" little group of apartments had a sign in the window telling people to stay inside until the picketers left.

As a "group" we were lively, friendly, and courteous. It was two days of jokes and smiles and net discussions.

Saturday there may have been 4 locations being picketed at the same time. Some people went to do Author Services, some were on Hollywood Blvd., some were at Hemet, I was part of a group of 4 that started the L Ron Hubbard Way picket that Sat. As on Friday there were barricades on the street.

Being an ex-clam myself I got to thinking of Poole, Toronto, Gothenburg, other cities. These places contain clams that will probably never make it to walk on LRH Way, but yet, this little street would have been a Major Win for them when it was named. In all the world there is but one LRH Way. Located in the heart of their biggest concentration of members. This would be their shining statement, their most significant achievement in many years. Perhaps the greatest achievement ever for them. They have a Hubbard street.

And we owned that street for two days. We really really really owned it. I doubt film will capture the essence of these moments. On the second day it was not really a picket anymore. There were usually groups of us simply standing still right in front of the Lousy Lion, or standing still by the parking lot entrance. We walked when we wanted, and stopped when we wanted and where we wanted. And this was L Ron Hubbard Way, and they were Hiding from us, and they did not even bother with the Police on day two. (or maybe they did try the Police, I don't know)

And you would walk back and forth, feeling completely safe, and a great sense of wonder that this was happening right on L Ron Hubbard Way. And you controlled it all. They tried to own a street, they tried a small step in world control by pretending to own their own street, and some people with picket signs walked back and forth past the barricades exactly as they felt like doing. Stopping and starting as they chose to.

Now of course this particular picket was not more important than any other picket, but, there is only ONE L Ron Hubbard Way. And for His birthday, 1998, it was done right. We were a non-organized, friendly, peaceful, and efficient group of people. We did it correctly out there, you would have all been proud of us.

L Ron Hubbard Way was done properly. Perhaps it can be thought of as a gift to friends in cities, we here in the US may never get to visit.

(before I forget it was fun meeting Henson, Ward, Minton, and so many others I have only known from cyberspace. And Berry was a most excellent host after the pickets) Ted Mayett, OT 1.1



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