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19 Nov 2000

tilman@berlin.snafu.de wrote...

>Libby Weigand has a spam page!

>Yet another example that GO people are still involved in the clam cult.

Weigand, Libby (LW76) postmaster@LIGHTWAVE.COM
Digital Lightwave, Inc.
601 Cleveland St 5th Floor
Clearwater, FL 34615
(813) 442-6677

She used to be heavily involved in Criminon, she had the background for it:


St. Louis Globe-Democrat, 8/5/80 -- U. S. Sen. Thomas F. Eagleton's niece, Libby Eagleton Weigand, and he attorney, Stephen E. Poludniak. allegedly tried to carry out an extortion plot against the senator by threatening to reveal information supposedly harmful to Eagleton.

Eagleton called a press conference Monday to announce that Mrs. Weigand and Poludniak had been arrested Sunday, after he had brought the FBI into the case.

The U. S. attorney's office said a complaint against the two had been dismissed Monday, pending further investigation, and that the case might be presented te a federal grand jury.

Eagleton blamed his niece's connections with the Church of Sclentology for the alleged extortion attempt, in which Mrs. Weigand allegedly demanded that the Eagleton family business buy her minority interest in the company. Mrs. Weigand is a Scientologist and is married to a Scientology minister, the Rev. Scott Weigand. Eagleton described Poludniak as "an attorney with Church of Scientology connections."

The Rev. Larry Worstell, of the Church of Sclentology, said he was shocked both by the charges against Mrs. Weigand and Poludniak and what he called Eagleton's "totally erroneous" charges against the Church of Sclentology...Mrs. Weigand and Poludniak have been suspended from the church pending the outcome of the church's own investigation.

Eagleton said Mrs. Weigand has been trying to sell her stock back to the family-owned Missouri Pipe Fittings Co. for several months.

The stock was a gift to her from her father, Dr. M D. Eagleton. Under the company charter, the stock cannot be sold outside the family. Eagleton said.

Eagleton said her requests to sell the stock for $220,000 had been refused because it was felt it would be contrary to the intent of a trust agreement, but mainly because "we felt the proceeds would have been given to the Church of Scientology and be squandered as far as Libby was concerned."

The Rev. Mr. Worstell said Mrs. Weigand had told him "she had thought about giving the money to the church but had not made up her mind."

Once the refusal to buy the stock had been made, the threats started. Eagleton said.

Eagleton said he contacted the FDI July 29 after "I was notified of an extortionlst demand for money which was made to Mr. William E. Buckley, my former law partner, treasurer of my re-election campaign and close friend. The demand included threats aimed at me and Mr. J. J. Thyson. an attorney and managing director of Missouri Pipe Flttings Co."

The Federal complaint and a supporting affidavit give this account of the alleged extortion plot: On July 23, Buckley, Eagleton's personal attorney, notified the FBI that Poludniak had contacted him and threatened to make photographs, affidavits and other documents damaging to the senator public if Missouri Pipe Fittings CO.,...did not buy her interest in the company for $220,000......


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