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19 Nov 2000

Gregg <elrond1@home.com>


Rock slammed all of you, didn't I?

You thought this was an x rated posting about the alleged Bondage Sexcapades of Gwen Jones and Dan Bryenton.

Well, almost.

No sex, but when I get the audio edited you can hear Gwen having verbal paroxysms misstating events posted in detail on ARS. Which tends to show she doesn't get to read the ng. Or she just enjoys telling lies.

If enough are interested I'll put it up in sections without creating a transcript. Its juicy stuff. And some of it is adult. Especially Dan Bryenton's "homosexual" semi- rants made before the Danaloon *got collared by the cop!*

Toronto Picket Report, Nov 18, 2000

Picketers: Mike Argue & Gregg Hagglund [AM and PM.]
Intelligence Support Staff: Kaeli and Zeratul
Catering: Dave palter and Granfalloon.
Minton Bucks Messenger: Witling

Flier Count: 225
(That would be 150 for Mike and 75 for YHN.]

The day started off cool and gray. The temperature was about 0C or 32 F. Sprinkles of snow at first, then the skies cleared a bit and the temperature rose to about 8C or 45F. This was the 49th consecutive Toronto Picket with clement weather. (If my records are correct as to the total number of all Toronto pickets to date.]

10 am I headed down to the org to speak with the Off Duty Police Officer the Co$ was *forced* to hire as usual. I ended up waiting out side the Dianetics Bookstore while he talked to one of the Scienopaths. This left me alone on the sidewalk with the DANALOON:DB Bryenton.

DB was nattily dressed in a black leather winter jacket. He had shaved his moustache and had his black hair greased and combed straight back. An excellent imitation of a stereotypical low level mafia thug. Mr. ToughguyWannabe.

DB proceeded to get into my face. Inches from my face. I moved over to the doorway of the Bookstore. DB followed me and stood even closer to me. He was blowing smoke in my face.However we were now within visual range of the Police Officer. I watched the Officer inside, ignoring DB's threatening closeness as best I could. After a moment or two of staring at the Officer our eyes met and he saw what was transpiring. Thereafter the poor woman Scienopath talking to him had to contend with his attention being rivetted mostly back outside to the street.

I had posted yesterday I had a cold [.I was reading my private copy of OT3 last week. Powerful stuff.] DB did not heed the warning. He was too close to me when the cough "itch" swept upon me and therefore he got the full blast of it in the face. Unavoidable really. DB was so close, had I raised my hand to block the cough, I would have smacked him inadvertently on the nose. I couldn't turn away either, or I would have inadvertently slammed my shoulder into him. I might have hurt the little guy.

Moments later the Officer came back out and we talked.

DB had to be chased off by the cop from eavesdropping first as always.

I ran through the usual list. The Officer told me he had been briefed on some of the shenanigans by the Scienopaths.

I filled him in on such interesting postings by DB as "open Gregg season", the application of "Rope a Dope" and street mugger and OSA Thug Ramsay's not so oblique threat of reference : "the "late" William G. Hagglund". I touched briefly on the "to lie to trick and *destroy*" and the "homes, abodes and persons" parts of the Fair Game Policy.

I also mentioned DB's rampant homophobia, his awareness of my Bisexuality and his personal animosity towards me which led him to call me a pervert and to angrily and foolishly make the accusation I was someone who"diddles children".

I explained some of the OSA techniques of Bull Baiting, my passivity and the danger of my being "herded" backwards into traffic. The Officer assured me he would not let things get out of hand or let me be "backed" into traffic by anyone, especially ugly personalities armed with hot drinks, or a group.

I told him we would start our demonstration at about 11 AM and went to meet Mike at Starbucks Coffee.

Mike and I returned with the usual accouterments and fliers just before 11 and began to hand out a flier or two to very sparse foot traffic. {The afternoon was much busier.]

DB took a few minutes and then started in on me.

Naturally being IMHO an apparent repressed homosexual, guess what was DB's first topic for soliloquy?

Of course: Some low toned whining about me expressing my *opinion* on ARS he was a repressed homosexual.

I moved away from DB a few feet.

Watching the video one can see DB look back to the cop to see if he is distracted by another Scienopath. Then he starts at me again.

I moved away another foot or two.

He moves even closer.

He was right into my face.

Then DB gets a tap on his shoulder. It is the Officer. He wants a word with the DANALOON.

A little street Discipline.

The Officer explains about harassing. DB says all he was doing was talking to me. The Officer tells DB," I got the distinct impression he doesn't want to talk to you or have you that close." Then the Officer lowered his voice and got very serious. Dan listened intently for a moment and exclaimed, "I wouldn't! I had my hands behind my back!" One can see on the video the Officer disagrees with him , waves a hand, points at me points at Dan and walks back to the corner of the building.

[This conversation took place quite close to the OSA camera. So its audio should be excellent. I am sure DB can arrange for a suitably edited version to be made available on the web. The trouble is the OSA has to decide just how much they can edit and how much did my Ace Extended Microphone pickup? Heh. Creative editing hasn't worked well recently for OSA down at FLAG.]

After that DB and the morning crew of OSA volunteer thugs, thieves, muggers, liars and hangers-on kept their distance, more or less. DB stayed away almost completely.

Later in the morning one young man took a flyer and stopped to read it. DB approached him. After then having been regaled of my shortcomings by the DANALOON, the young man observed to me there was some animosity on DB's part.

I told him DB was upset with me.

DB glared balefully in my direction.

I then told the young man DB was angry I had expressed the opinion that I thought he was a closet homosexual.

Poor Cracker DB had to accept I had the right to express my opinion. Well, at least I have that right while a Wog Cop is around.

I spent a minimum effort on handing out fliers and more on the occasionally interesting conversations with passersby and on recording multiple distortions of legally establihsed facts, outright malicious slanders and the interesting distortions of the content of posts made by me to ARS.

The shore stories these OSA Goonies have been told are most interesting. And highly inaccurate. IMHO, either most of the Goonies, including DB are not allowed to read any of my posts or they are being limited to select posts. Some things they state are outright unabashed slander. Foul mouthed Paulette especially. Complete fabrications about me being "caught" putting childrens' pictures on the Net; and being forced by the Police to take them down; about selling drugs from my home; having my wife lobotomized; getting kick backs from John Dorsay; insinuating I had killed Elizabeth Pearse to steal Dragonstar Ltd, etc. Just a perfect litany of outright lies and fabrications. All neatly recorded on video for posterity.

Paulette couldn't resist a bit of Gay/Bi bashing and exclaimed more than once "He's getting saliva on his fliers! Watch out!" [I'd lick a finger to get a flier from the folder.]

Poor Degraded Woman.

She has my pity.

There was a little bit of swarming in the afternoon. A few times I had up to three sometimes four Scienopaths around me. But just briefly and they mostly kept their distance to about a metre away.

We picketed from 11 am to 12:30 and then from 2:30 pm to 4 pm.

Having this itchy throat and several important meetings next week, I skipped my "Town Crier" routine. Catching clear audio with the extended capabilities of my VC was a suitable compensation I think.

It was a pretty tame day compared to others.

I may get a chance to put some of this audio up soon on the net, but likely without any transcript. However i have to pass it by my legal advisors first.

Oh yes, the Repugnant OSA Street Thug Mr. Ramsay was present hiding inside the store. He was actually wearing a sport coat and a tie. He should really learn to tie a tie properly. It looked like a bib that came only have way down his front. Degraded Paulette informed me the "owner" of the Temple of At'L'An was here and he had wonderful plans for an At'L'An website.

The malicious Mr. Ramsay had best be prepared.

CIRA just granted the legal owners of the Registered Pending Trade-Mark of Temple of At'L'An the exclusivity of http://www.temple-at-l-an.ca and all other legal use of derivatives effective Dec 8, I believe.

Having a legal budget makes life much more *immediately* interesting.

One wonders when the LMT North will open?

Next Toronto Picket is Lisa Day: Dec 2, 2000.

"Evil Incompetent Financial Genius and Spiritualist"

Gregg Hagglund SP7
Free Toronto

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