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21 Nov 2000

indanm@aol.com (Indanm)

I recently got the latest "Advance" magazine in the mail, which is the magazine for AOLA. I thought I would post some of the "OT Phenomena, Wild Experiences From the Other Side of the OT Levels" in case anyone needs a good laugh. Here goes:

"I was working at a construction site and it was nearly time to go home for the day. I suddenly realized, to my horror, that I'd lost my keys. The last time I remembered seeing them was hours earlier.

As I wouldn't get anywhere without the keys, I started walking around the site looking for them. I spent a half hour, retraced my steps, tried to think of the different places I'e been that day, and what I had been doing. Then in desparation, I started going around to places I hadn't been at all.

I was getting exasperated. It was taking a lot of effort, a lot of time, and I was getting nowhere. Finally, I realized that I had been going around in circles, standing in a location I hadn't even worked in all day, and I must have looked completely ridiculous. In short, I was being the total effect of the physical universe!

I decided to knock it off right then and made the postulate--in a split second--that my keys would just appear. Then I took one step, looked down and there they were--in the middle of a bunch of wood chips, in a location I'd not been in at all that day. It was totally effortless. Now that's being cause over the MEST universe!--A.B."

Ok, this person is soooo OT that they lost their keys, couldn't even remember where they had been that day, then took over 1/2 an hour to find them and they think they have some kind of super power... Why didn't they just use their "super power" to start their car and open their front door without the use of "MEST" keys?!

And why don't they use their super power to figure out how to write a story about something so inconsequential without rambling on for 4 paragraphs.

Here is another great one:

"One evening, I had to go to see someone who lives in a cottage near a creek. I parked the car, and walked across a little bridge that runs over the creek. I distinctly felt a presense there and in fact, felt that there were many thetans there in the creek. They were very distrubed. I picked up from them what the story was.

I had perceived that in that creek was an old Indian Chief and his villiage, and that they had been wiped out, and driven off their land, and had returned to the creek where they had lived, and were upset about it and basically lost. I got the whole story.

So, when I got to the cottage, I asked the person what hhad been the history of this area. He told me the story of an Indian Chief and his people who had been driven off the land, and had lived along the creek. He told me some details that amazed me, because they were exactly what I had perceived I told him what I had seen, and he was amazed, because he often felt as if he was being watched while crossing that same bridge and he felt uncomfortable. I went back to the bridge and got in comm with the Indian Chief, I told him to go and find a new life.

The person I had visited called me up a couple of days later and said that the entire atmosphere at the creek had changed, he no longer felt watched, and that whatever I had done, the place was no longer 'haunted'.--S.S.

Ok, where is North America were Indians NOT driven off the land? This person so wants to be an "OT" that he is making up "wins" as fast as he can.

Hopefully whoever reads these gets as many laughs out of it as I did...

Also, Advance magazine has an e-mail address where you can send your "OT Phenomena Success": aola@earthlink.net


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