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21 Nov 2000
tfcvp@aol.com (TFC VP)

During shooting of the film "The Profit" in Tampa, Fla, our film crew was exposed to the wacky, invasive, offensive (i.e typical) cult tactics of the Scn front group, the Foundation for Religious Tolerance (FRT) AKA the FARTs.

The FARTs kept showing up at our soundstage and our locations handing out their smarmy DA flyers accusing the Director, Peter Alexander and myself (Producer) of being everything from KKK to Neo-Nazi's.

We explained to our crew that the scns were trying to harrass us because both Peter and I are board members of the Lisa McPherson Trust. We felt bad for the crew who had to endure this, but at that point the FARTs were exercising their "first amendment rights." Since the crew basically ignored these culties, the FARTs stepped up their efforts by trying to bother our crew while they worked and causing general disturbances outside the set. We called the police on more than a few occasions. The police sent them off to a reasonable distance and warned them repeatedly.

Our crew endured private investigators filming them, their cars and their tag numbers...but as we all know, they have a perfect right to do this.

The final straw was when Mary DeMoss (Queen FART) took it upon herself to follow a couple of our single female crew members to their homes. She asked them about the film and was told they were under strict non-disclosure agreements. She asked for information about "human rights violations" (irony-factor, here) and whether we had mistreated them. In other words, Mary deMoss was on the standard cult "mission for dirt."

The girls were understandably upset and called me the minute these occurrences took place. I promised I would try to stop it.

We filed a request for injunction against Mary deMoss and her FART org.and got a quick hearing. Surprise, surprise: her attny was none other than scn cult attny and unindicted co-conspirator, Kendrick Moxon. I mention my surprise in that according to all the FART literature, the FARTs are a non-denominational "advocacy group" yet the players that showed up were Pure Clam.

We were denied our request for injunction. It must've been a tough decision because the Judge took almost 2 weeks to rule. Motion denied.

By this time we were finished shooting.

The FARTs continued contacting our crew and even sent their favorite local P.I., Danny Otero to one of our location owners (also a female) on yet another "find the dirt" mission.

It amazes me that they continued trying to solicit DA material even after our crew had finished working for us. These clams are SO convinced that an EX-employee is guaranteed to be a DISATISFIED employee...just willing to cough up dirt. I guess they were surprised when all the crew they called hung up the phone on them and called us to tell us about it.

This cult never changes its tactics....they NEVER know when to stop. In their inane policy of pushing the envelope TOO far...2 weeks ago Kendrick Moxon, on behalf of his client, Mary deMoss and the FARTs filed a motion with the court to get legal fees from us.

Our hearing was this morning...in front of the same Judge. Moxon sat there LYING through his teeth (big surprise) that we had filed a frivolous suit based on our need to "deprive" the FARTs of their first amendment right to inform the crew about the evil SP's they were working for. He omitted the fact that they had asked our crew about the script and had even attempted to subpoena all our records regarding the film, the cost, the distribution, etc.

And today the judge ruled after listening to Moxon's lies: MOTION DENIED.

Yep..... we got justice today: MOTION DENIED.

As this heinous organization continues in it's battleplan to intimidate, harrass and litigate the HELL out of anyone connected to the LMT, we have to take this win. We are all facing evil in its purest form...and the WINS mean alot.

Just thought I'd share.

Best Regards
Patricia Greenway


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