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Joe Harrington <joeh@biddeford.com>
22 Sep 1995

During the period that this bulletin was drafted, Hubbard was a fugitive from the law and was about to be indicted by the Grand Jury in Clearwater, FL.

No specific "tech" is given within this bulletin and to my knowledge this bulletin is not currently used as the OT8 material. OT8 was not released until around 1987/88 and this bulletin is not in the course package.

The authenticity of the bulletin has been confirmed by exiting Scientologists who had access to the technical archives, and Steve Fishman obtained this from a lawyer who reportedly stole it in Florida. See Fishman's affidavit for the lawyer's name.

I was involved with the Church of Scientology for 25 years and I've read most of what Hubbard wrote and lectured about while in training as an auditor.

I find nothing within this document inconsistent with anything Hubbard wrote or spoke about prior to the date of this document.

Specifically, in 1980 I believe Hubbard was anticipating being served with a subpoena or an arrest warrant, and I believe he prepared this document, to be released after his arrest or detention. The long-awaited release of "OT8" would divert attention from the legal quaqmire he found himself in and the organization would see an upsurge in the income. Additionally, Hubbard would be elevated to "political prisoner" status, incarcerated by the Markabian traitor.

The material is vintage LRH and understandbly the negative PR would be massive if the RTC owned up to its authorship.


22 Sep 1995, Scott Andrew McClare wrote:

: From: Helena Kobrin <hkk@netcom.com
: canceled your account. It should, therefore, also be apparent to
: you that this document is a forgery, in light of the fact that no
: such actions were taken.

I would like a clarification on this situation. While hkk denies this is the real thing and Andy Milne echoed that opinion, I recall reading that Warren McShane made some remarks that indicated that it was an infringement.

I don't recall seeing what hkk said, specifically; however, a few weeks back Andy said, explicitly, that the alleged OT8 was a forgery invented by Christians to turn people against the cult. Whatever credibility you happen to assign to anything Andy says . . .

So how can it be both a forgery and an infringement? Or is there a clever word game going on? Is it LRH's writing but not OT 8 or is it something more like it is a part of OT 8 but not substantial enough to cry infringement?

"Not substantial enough"? After the enturbulation the Six Lines caused? I don't see it.

Or perhaps with renumbering it is no longer OT 8 but it once was? Or could it be that the hierarchy is of two minds on the song they want to sing and it is truly theirs but it would be too offensive to lay claim to it before the public?

I've been guessing it's the real thing, but it's probably too embarrassing for the cult to admit it.

I wonder if there's a genuine OT8 out there who could tell us?

-=Scott A. McClare=- SP3


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