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24 Nov 2000

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[Here's another one reminiscent of Breatherianism and the Interiorization Rundown. Will Gwen get tax-exemption?]

Flat-out praise in the USA for 45-year-old Gwen Shamblin and her sect

Washington, USA
November 24, 2000
Oberoesterreichische Nachrichten

Washington. The self-proclaimed diet expert who starved herself down from 220 to 120 lbs. wrote a book about it. "The Weigh Down Diet" has sold more than a million copies. "Greed is a mortal sin," is part of what she preaches in her book. "God created our bodies thin. That is the only way he likes us." Gwen has no question about one thing, "God does not like fat people. Those who are fat will not enter heaven."

Her abstruse ideas have won her thousands of adherents who would like to buy their ticket to the kingdom of heaven in her "Weigh Down Workshops." Gwen does not worry about some of her adherents starving themselves until they get sick or severely depressed. According to her own belief they are suffering from a lack of discipline. "And God doesn't like that any more than obesity."


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