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01 Dec 2000


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> This newsgroup has become quite boring lately. The only
> reward for wading through swamps of litter to find useful
> information was the occasional highlight of Keith's enlightening
> postings (OK, Tilman and some others also make my day).
> Where is he? Has the crime cult succeeded in gagging him by
> overwhelming him with work on his latest encounter with the
> insane American legal system?

I appreciate that you like my postings. I have quite a bit to post about, such as my adventures of picketing about 7 hours today in Clearwater (soon to be Xenu City), and my adventures yesterday with Edwin Richardson and the Deputy DA in Hemet. Right now I am waiting to go to dinner, so if I continue this it may break off.

Tue evening (Nov 28) I flew down to Hemet. I was not looking for PIs following me, so it is possible they only picked me up when I got to Ida place. I spent part of the morning with James Harr. I don't know how much I should say about that except that Robert Schwarz (the DDA who prosecutes misdemeanors) screwed up in a major way. I could make a case for him making threats, but the effect was favorable to me.

Incidentally, I checked out the court file and there was almost nothing in the file except the court copies of the complaints, the courts notes on the hearings (really sketchy) and Arnies amicus brief. Thanks Arnie, I am certain the judge read your work. Most interesting.

That being the case, I guess the case file is open for anyone else who wanted to file an amicus brief.

On the way out of town (with Ida) Richardson was waiting on Elk, south of Stetson. (You can get maps from yahoo if you want to.) I crossed Stetson, said hi to Richardson, and turned around. Richardson turned west on Stetson and Ida suggested we turn east and find another way to get out of town to the airport. We did, and it looked like we lost him, but I wanted to check. So I took the off ramp from Sanderson where it crosses Gilman Springs Road, but instead of turning one east or west, just went across Gilman Springs. Sure enough, this left Edwin (who was following way back) with no choice but to stop on the side of the road short of the stop sign at the bottom of the ramp. Thus he stuck out like the proverbal sore thumb. After I got on the line with the local cops about this situation (Edwin's partner Frank Petty had at least simulated trying to run over me in a parking lot back on Sept 17) Richardson turned to the west on Gilman Springs and that was the last we saw of him. They might have followed, if so they were a lot better than usual.

Our flight was canceled. This turned out to be ok because we got a better and shorter flight, and possibly left some scientology agent wondering where we had gone. We got into Xenu City late.

Next morning I was itching to start picketing, so I did a solo at the Ft Harrison, then picketed with another well known critic. Bob Minton came out for a while. Boy what a bunch of sourpusses! There are very few smiles among the Xenu City scientologist, unlike the SP Wogs. The citizens are their usual highly supportive selves, must have been several hundred honks in support today. We stayed at the FH for about an hour, wondered over to the Sandcasile, then back to the FH, and later the Coachman (block an a half north of the FH.) All in all there was much enturbulations.

Later in evening I put some time in between the famous white lines while the SO staff was going to dinner. Man the picketing opportunities are *thick* here. I just got called to dinner so this gets chopped off here.

Keith Henson


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