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30 Nov 2000

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News: Helmstedt

Koenigslutter, Germany
November 28, 2000
Braunschweiger Zeitungsverlag 2000

Topic at the Ecumenical Men's
Destructive Cults - Danger for Society

Reverend Ingolf Christiansen gesticulates before a Scientology Grade Chart during his presentation in Koenigslutter. photo: Stefan H'hnsen

of henchmen and much pity

Koenigslutter. Destructive Cults -- A Danger for our Society. That was the theme addressed by the speaker, Reverend Ingolf Christiansen from Goettingen, Weltanschauung Commissioner of the Hannover State Church, at the 13th Ecumenical Men's Assembly of the men's group of the Koenigslutter founding church with Reverend Truemer and the Catholic congregation in Pfarrheim on Bahnhofstrasse. Reverend Andreas Pape, the landlord, expressed satisfaction about the good participation and arranged the afternoon program with a presentation, coffee, prayer and dinner.

The predominantly older audience was first treated to an explanation of the practices of Scientology. It was said that recruitment of members for Scientology was well-rehearsed and that recruitment happened mostly at a high milieu. Scientology uses free personality tests to draw students and pupils in. "People have to be warned and have information." As part of recruitment, improvement in self-awareness is promised with the idea that only ten percent of the human mind is used; the lure to join comes from the possibility that this percentage can be increased.

Sole proprietors are promised that their profit will be maximized, then they are presented with a string of introductory offers. The argument they are given is that the unused portion of the human mind will be activated, as the reverend stated.

Finally it boils down to financial demands as compensation for joining. Those run into increasingly greater sums and often bring people into debt and want. "Often it is recognized too late that joining was personally disadvantageous." Leaving was not possible, or at least was made extremely difficult. "Out of human pity, people have to be warned and informed," said Reverend Christiansen.

Questions which came into the discussion included: What motivates people to join? Are they people who are disappointed with their own church?

Ingolf Christiansen replied: curiosity, failure, illness and inferiority complex were among the main reasons for joining. The self-veneration principle was the rule and people are promised increase in power.

The topic of Satanism was covered in the second have of the meeting.

The content of a diary of an ex-member outlined the rituals, some of which were brutal. There are many groups in this area, but they were said to have one thing in common.

"Once I have been initiated into the first level, then I belong to them -- without departure," said one place in the description. Furthermore, "Mental powers of the Master reach people who leave no matter where they are." How does that happen?

For that there are henchmen for whom Satanism means power, since taboos are broken. Question: what can the state do about it? The expert in Koenigslutter stated in this regard that surveillance was taking place and intervention occurred if crimes were committed. Another question from a member of the audience to the speaker: What can we do? Reverend Ingolf Christiansen answered with a quote for the Bible: Be vigilant!


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