Scientology Crime Syndicate

02 Dec 2000


After an entire afternoon mostly picketing in front of the FH, we were finally run off by threats from the cops. They said we would not be arrested if we continued to picket, but they would take names and write up a report--which the scientologists would take over to the Judge. The judge, Lt. Burch told us, could decide that no mater what *our* opinion we could be considered to be part of the LMT (for picketing on their cause, held in contempt, and jailed for contempt without a trial. This, he made clear was not any kind of attempt to chill the First Amendment rights of random people to picket on public property.

Will we defy this interpertation of the judge's order? Or picket only where the judge permits? We have Lt. Burch on tape telling us that wearing a Scientology Kills T shirt while walking up and down in front of the FH is *not* picketing. But I bet you long odds that if we do that, the rule will change. Stay tuned.

Keith Henson


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