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02 Dec 2000

wynot <wynot@soulgarage.net>

Ethercat and I arrived armed with warm jackets and gloves against the blustery December wind, and armed with picket signs and flyers against fraudulent churches and scam self-help corporations. The parking lot was a little fuller than usual, perhaps scienos from outlying communities hoping to get their auditine before the predicted snow made it to the city. We counted 16 cars; 2 left while we were there, one arrived, and one of the leavers returned.

No police visit this time, nobody even came out to take our pictures. If the culties always acted like this, picketing would be awfully boring. Maybe this is their new plan here? To bore us into submission? Well, I should not complain, 'tis better than the alternative behaviours they have exhibited in the past.

Ethercat got into the spirit by thinking up new chants. A particularly good one was '2,4,6,8, why is your church so full of hate?!'. Another good one was 'Hey, hey, my, my, Dianetics is a lie!'

Traffic was light, folks being in the malls shopping, so acks were down a little from their peak during our last picket here. Average was 1 every 2 minutes. We decided to count one fellow who seemed to be suggesting we were crazy. Maybe he was right, to be outside on a rather chilly afternoon warning the public against the cult in their midst.


'til next time;

Scientology: now it is different. Now your abuses will be told and memorialized forever on the Internet. We have each other and we will see your criminal element eliminated before we are done.
Grady Ward


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