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03 Dec 2000

ethercat <ethercat@arscc-atl.com>

Picketers: 2
Car count: 16
Time: 2pm - 2:45
Acks: 25
Weather: cold
Process servers: None

The scientologists were non-confront in Atlanta today, so wynot and I amused ourselves by making up picket chants while counting acks. No police were called, though there was one across the street for a while, tending to another matter. No photos taken, I guess they have enough by now, and I don't even think Susan was there. I wonder if she is in Clearwater?

There was a large Christmas tree blocking one of the main windows. There's a driveway on the side of the building that leads to the back parking lot - it was blocked with a large dumpster, and there was some furniture sitting outside. It's raining here now. If the furniture has not been brought inside or covered, it may be covered with a sheet of ice tomorrow, unless OT powers can keep the temperature above freezing.

One person leaving the org carefully read my sign, mouthing the words while reading. The org side said "Who is Xenu? Find the answer on www.xenu.net". The street side of the sign said, "Scientology Lies

- www.scientology-lies.com". There is now a Hubbard Dianetics Foundation sign above the Church of Scientology sign. A lot of people driving by read our signs, then looked at the org as if they had just realized who occupies the building. Good. That's what we're out there for.

We appreciate the cult getting the new signs to let passersby know who we're picketing. Having both Dianetics and Scientology on their sign goes well with our "Dianetics/Scientology - Bait and Switch Scam" picket sign. :) And the "now hiring" sign is gone.

Here's a couple of the chants:

Two four six eight
Dianetics is the bait.
Intro to the church of hate.

One two, one two,
We're some friends of Xenu.

And one that only makes sense to readers of ars:

Do your TRs. grab those cans;
You can all be Dirty Dans!

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