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03 Dec 2000

cultxpt@primenet.com (Jeff Jacobsen)

We had a nice picket today from 10am to 3pm in front of the Super Power construction, across the street from the Ft. Harrison Hotel. To be safe most if not all picketers abided by the injunction against the LMT. There were no real problems except the police at first didn't want to let us use the sidewalk between the curb and the construction tunnel over the rest of the sidewalk. After a little arguing and a phone call by Lt. Hall, we were allowed to walk on that sidewalk but not on the grass to the south. So Arnie and I took turns standing by the grass to be sure no one picketed there. I'd estimate about 40 picketers total for the day. So Scientology's use of 5 attorneys to stop us using the courts failed. Every year Scientology tries something different to stop our protest, and every year they have failed.

Tonight we had candlelight vigil in memory of Lisa McPherson. About 50 people lit candles, listened to a prayer written for the event., listened to the bagpiper, then slowly marched to the back of the Ft. Harrison Hotel with Stacy Brooks leading with the wreath. Stacy put the wreath near Room 174 where Lisa McPherson had been held. The people then went single file past the wreath, blowing out their candles and setting them below the wreath. Gregg said a few more words, the bagpiper played one last song, and we were done. A few TV stations interviewed Lisa's family immediately after, then we all went out and had a great dinner.

It was a great day.

"The idea that one can 'push' Scientology and get no penalty is a false one." Russell Shaw

"To punish to the fullest extent of my power anyone misusing or degrading Scientology to harmful ends" (The original Code of a Scientologist)


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