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04 Dec 2000

tfcvp@aol.com (TFC VP)

We had a great picket in CW! There were so many new faces and it produced a wonderful exchange of ideas.

With that said...

The over all "look" of this annual picket was quite surreal...as one would expect in CW. The clam buildings festooned with more Christmas decorations than ever...clearly indicated the level of hiding. There's no doubt that these folks are "mocking up" Christmas and NOT celebrating it. Alongside the Christmas trees and other holiday paraphenalia used by the cult in their futile attempt to fool the general wog public was a LONG string of OSA, PI's and former RPF'ers with backs to the wall aiming cameras at anything that moved.

Very few members were seen going in or out...only the army of CAMERAS. Meanwhile, Ft. Harrison Street traffic was busier than usual with normal people driving to and from their Christmas shopping and holiday activities. The CW residents got a great view of Scn in action: CAMERAS on DISPLAY.

One would wonder how removed from reality their cult PR person is to allow the general public to see cameras, CAMERAS,cameras... pointing out from between Christmas trees...cameras and PI's EVERYWHERE.

What must those OSA and PI "camera-ologists" DO with all that film footage? How long does it take them to edit out the sound of all the thousands of cars that blasted their horns and waved arms out windows in support of the picketers??

None of the picketers had too much time to ponder those questions as there were so many supporters stopping by to cheer them on.

Oddly enough...the MORE supporters that stopped by to talk to the picketers...the MORE cameras the cult brought out.

One might reason that this cult is no longer a "self-help group"...but instead has transformed itself into the Cult of Camera-ology...the Road to Digital Video!

Fortunately, the clam-cams did not capture the wonderful little children up in the windows of the Ft. H waving and smiling down on the picketers.

The cult "staged" a holiday market on Cleveland street...with even MORE clam cams aimed at any of the people who dared talk to the picketers who passed by. Unfortunately the camera-ologists will be busy editing out all the support that was shown.

On Sunday, a few of us decided to do a late afternoon picket in front of the Ft H. As happened nearly every day of the picket, we were approached by a small army of teenagers who said they read about the picket in the paper and wanted to get involved They asked for picket signs and joined us there.They were anxious to hear and share details of the cult and its odd behavior.These kids were quite vocal (a few were some stout lads with even stouter voices) and proved to be the most energetic picketers I've ever had the pleasure to meet.After tiring of facing nothing but OSA-cams and PI cams and a frantic Paul Kellerhas screaming for help on the phone, we moved our growing group of activists to Waterson Street. As activists are always more at cause than the hiding-non-confronts, the swarm of cameras followed us in tandem. The youth picket lasted a full 2 hours and with their energy and enthusiasm most didn't notice that the temp had dropped as we celebrated truth in the streets of CW. Meanwhile OSA held hundreds of scns at bay inside at the exits to the mess hall. The enthusiastic youth squad yelled in unison: Why are you HIDING? WHY are you hiding? THINK for yourself! THINK for yourself. One kid turned to me and said: Yeah...why ARE they hiding? Why won't they let those people outta there?

The cameras kept rolling.

How creative is their editing? What WILL they show their leaders ...when they're busy saying that CW has embraced them.

So, in summary:

CW residents got to see a pathetic,mocked up Christmas by clams showing them NOTHING but cameras everywhere... and whole lot of smiling, happy picketers dancing in the street!

Helping to keep camera-ology working
Patricia Greenway


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