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07 Dec 2000

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SF Picket Report, Saturday December 2, 2000

It was a warm, sunny December day, time for Lisa McPherson Memorial Picket at the San Francisco Scientology Org.

The last two Lisa Memorial Pickets in San Francisco have occurred on cold, windy and rainy days. I came prepared, wearing jeans, boots, a turtleneck, a chenille sweater, and my warm blanket coat. As it turned out, the weather was beautiful, which made for a much more comfortable long picket.

Jour and I arrived at 12pm, to find Murdoch already at his post, discussing Scientology with a woman who had been in the Org seeking information. She later went back into the Org to compare notes, and I heard her remarking to a Scientologist that she didn't believe him. There were quite a few Scientologists out and about, but there was a pleasant dearth of unpleasant interactions with them, except in the case of one Scientology enthusiast.

We picketed and passed out flyers, and were soon joined by both Phr and Marcab. Marcab had a colorful picket sign of John Travolta starring in "Cult Fiction".

So, it was the usual stuff. Try picketing some time and you will see what that is. You wave at cars, show the people on the buses your signs (both sides), give people walking by flyers, have chats with interested parties.

We saw the travelling Stress Test Table make it's way towards Market Street, and Jour and Murdoch decided to go see where they set it up and do a little fliering. Apparently, Jeff Quiros (SF DSA) took Craig (the Loudmouth) with him to interact with Jour and Murdoch, which resulted in Jour filing an incident report with the San Francisco Police Department. Earlier Craig had been handing out generic "Religious Bigot" flyers of Jour and myself in front of the Org, and when I was talking with a couple of gentlemen who asked about harassment and Scientology, I told them "Well, that guy pickets my house." Craig, who had just walked by us and was about 10 feet away, wheeled back and started shouting at me. I have told this man over and over that I do not wish to speak to him. Apparently he still very much wishes to speak to me. Or to speak AT me. Well, perhaps to SHOUT at me. Having trained in Bullbaiting, it would seem that some Scientologists cannot resist the temptation to practice their skills. To the wider universe this merely appears to be losing one's manners, one's temper, or one's mind. Later on Craig followed the picketers at about 6 feet, videotaping.

We stopped midafternoon and patronized the ever hospitable Wild Awakenings Cafe across the street. Later on in the day we were joined by an activist named John, who took over one of Marcab's signs when Marcab had to leave. We picketed until dark, when we had our candlelight vigil.

Jour brought plastic cups and votives, which we lit. She gave a small speech and then we sang Amazing Grace. Then we had a moment's silence for Lisa and other victims. Phr taped the proceedings, and Jeff and Craig did also, though they did NOT sing Amazing Grace. Then we went to the Thai restaurant across the street for dinner.



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