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15 Dec 2000

jimdbb@aol.com (JimDBB)

GM has recently announced that it is dropping Olds from the General Motors lineup. The Oldsmobile Division will be phased out.

John Rock was the general manager of Olds from 1992 to 1996. Rock was interviewed yesterday for the Chicago Tribune on the shocking news of the Olds demise. " I'm not going to get much sleep thinking about the one thing I could have done to stop this. If I could go back and relive just one day at Olds, it would be the day Leo Burnett (Old's longtime and current ad agency) came up for review. I should have fired them," Rock said.

The head of Leo Burnett's Creative Division is Cheryl Berman. Berman is a scientologist, a member of the IAS ( International association of Scientologists) and a major contributor to scientology's 'War Chest'. The 'War Chest' is money used to silence the Church of Scientology's critics and former members.

Cheryl Berman's husband, Randy Kretchmar is reported to be an OSA agent for the Chicago area. The OSA is the Office of Special Affairs, the Church of Scientology's secret police-gestapo organization.

One of Cheryl Berman's staff members, Greg Bashaw, also a scientologist, was very active in the harassment of CAN (Cult awareness Network) in 1966. Harassment from the Scientology cult forced CAN into bankruptcy and CAN closed in June of 1966. The last message on the CAN office phone recorder was from Bashaw. A taunting message..."Hi, this is Greg Bashaw. I understand that you have things for sale. I would like stop come by and see what you have."

GM's John Rock probably didn't know about Leo Burnett's Creative Division's benevolent activities.


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